Sound Of Skating On Lake Lissma Kvarnsjölo In Sweden Was Recorded & It’s Damn Spooky

Indulge in nature more often and it will leave you mesmerized with its strangest working ways. Something similar was recorded by Marten Ajne as he went skating on the frozen Lake Lissma Kvarnsjölo located outside Stockholm in Sweden. The 1.6 km long lake turns into a frozen thin turf in winter. Marten recorded his skating... Continue Reading →


Beagle Shaped Lanterns Unveiled By Taiwan Government For The Lantern Festival 2018

Acknowledging the importance of dogs in a human's life, the Taiwan Government has come up with a remarkable gesture on the eve of Taiwan Lantern Festival 2018. The beagle-inspired hand-held lantern was unveiled on Thursday and this lantern is special because it represents the upcoming ‘Year of the Dog’ in the Chinese zodiac. The lantern... Continue Reading →

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