Acknowledging the importance of dogs in a human’s life, the Taiwan Government has come up with a remarkable gesture on the eve of Taiwan Lantern Festival 2018. The beagle-inspired hand-held lantern was unveiled on Thursday and this lantern is special because it represents the upcoming ‘Year of the Dog’ in the Chinese zodiac. The lantern has long ears that flap as it moves, while the belly showcases a special paw-shaped tattoo, and it’s so damn cute! 1,00,000 such lanterns would be distributed in total on the Lantern Festival.


The designer of the lantern Lin Chia-Wei said, “The way the ears are attached to the head ensures they flap whenever the lantern is carried. There are also hollow cuts of paws on the dog’s belly, creating cute paw shadows on the ground.”

Central government Tourism Bureau director-general Chou Yung-hui said, “The lantern is named Dali, which means robust in Mandarin and represents a good omen for the new year. About 100,000 lanterns will be handed out in total in front of Chiayi County government and Chiayi Bus Station from February 16 to March 11, 2,000 every weekday and 5,000 on Saturdays and Sundays.”


“More than 20,000 light circuits will also enable LED lights in the lantern to show images made up of at least 12 million pixels, it added. Furthermore, as the central-southern county is located on the Tropic of Cancer, there will be projections of latitudes and longitudes in the sky to make the event even more unique.” the bureau added.


All the images have been taken from the Taiwan government website press-release section

Besides the handheld lanterns, a 21-meter-high main lantern featuring an aboriginal child and a Taiwan Dog will be the prime attraction of the upcoming Lantern Festival that spreads the message of joy and harmony. The grand display of lanterns will be done at the venue in Taibao City. The 4D visual effects will be the prime attraction of the main lantern. This feature will be exhibited for the first time. Also, there will be a special refraction cover used in the lanterns that would improve light penetration by 70 percent.

If you are a dog lover & especially a beagle fan then this news is going to leave you overjoyed. I am curious are special are you going to do for your beagle!

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