Travel, to me, is a way of life! It’s something sacred to me, and the only thing that tempts me to push myself a bit further, every time. Thus enabling me to cross boundaries, oceans, and continents. The experience of embracing new cultures, food, climate, way of life, and above all, the unreal landscapes make me feel alive every moment of my life.

Tour guide life is new to me and is treating me quite well. The challenge of guiding tourists and presenting before them the best that the place has to offer, makes me go one step further and explore the place/attraction more adequately.

Well, writing compliments me, and I strongly believe that a creative piece has the potential to tempt any logophile. Perhaps it’s my unfaltering love of words that put fine storytelling above a lot of interesting things that I come across in everyday life. I believe words & stories have a strong influence on masses. Perhaps that is the reason why I cherish my journey as a content writer turned traveller. The decision to make a living out of creative writing has certainly done a world of good to me. And today, I look at every new day with a different outlook & great zeal, forever looking for exciting adventures!

My journey as a writer, traveller, and now as a tour guide over the years has taken me places and left me profoundly obliged.

Through my blogs and articles, I try to furnish detailed and authentic information to the readers. Besides Travel Writing and Tour Guiding, I am also proficient in editing, proofreading, copywriting, and other forms of written online marketing communication.

I fancy exploring the incredible planet earth as much as I could and keep serving the travel community through my experiences. The world is extraordinary, why remain in one place forever! Stay adventurous friends, and keep exploring!!

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