December is the time when Christmas Holidays euphoria sweeps the entire world. In Europe, it is different! Europe lives every moment of the December month, starting from the day when Christmas Market is set up, which is mostly the November-end until New Year’s Eve. It is the time when the spirit of Christmas brings people together. Cities around Europe are characterized by the finest illuminated lights, adorned streets, shops stashing Christmas gifts, a multitude of decorations, and the most prolific Christmas Market, making for the highlight of any travel in Europe.

Wrocław Christmas Market Rynek

Poland, being a top religious country in Europe, needs a special mention because of its the majority of Catholics here. People here observe Christmas rituals most traditionally. Every city here flaunts their prolific and large Christmas Market, each one of them unique and more photogenic than the other. Four Christmas seasons later in Europe (my third in Poland), I must say that Wrocław Christmas Market should be a top consideration for anyone planning a trip to Poland in winter or a trip through eastern Europe in winter.

Christmas Market in Wrocław – General description

Christmas market in Wrocław

The December month, all curled up in the snow and dark, has its charm. Inadequate daylight hours prompts people to decorate their houses, porches, and outside spaces. As the mercury starts dropping below the freezing point, the scent of freshly cut Christmas trees smelling of pine resin, powdery snow, cinnamon cookies, candles, and mulled wine prevail over every household and the market square region, and other public spaces.

Christmas Tree in Wrocław Christmas Market Rynek

Wrocław Christmas Market exemplifies everything you can possibly think about a Christmas market straight out of some fairytale. From the fanciest mulled wine cup cast as a sock to the wooden-structured shops bearing windmills and Santa miniature atop them, from an extensive display of local produce to some authentic local winterwear, there’s nothing you can possibly miss at the Christmas Market in Europe. Let’s find out more about it!

When to find Christmas Market in Wrocław?

Wrocław Christmas Market Rynek

From November last week until January first week. More precisely from 19th November 2021 to 31st December 2021

Opening hours: 10 am to 09 pm

Attention: The market remains closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, i.e. on 24th & 25th Dec. Also, the shops in general and those in the Christmas Market close a bit earlier on New Year’s Eve i.e. 31st December, the shops close around 5 pm.

Highlights of Wrocław Christmas Market

Christmas Tree in Wrocław Christmas Market Rynek

1. Mulled wine served at market’s over-the-top wooden wine stands selling a myriad of mulled wine flavours

2. Immaculate lightings and decorations in and around the Rynek (Main Market Square) and streets leading to the Market Square

3. Food! Lots of food and beverages to try! For example – bread & lard, kielbasa, and Oscypek (regional cheese), plenty of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Shops selling local produce. A large number of desserts, sweets, candies, gummy candies, and chocolates to try from

4. Fancy woollen wear shops

5. Plenty of props for photos

6. Joy rides for kids

Things to do during Christmas in Wrocław and winter

Wrocław Christmas Market

Keeping in mind that the entire Christmas Market is a massive attraction in itself, I have narrowed down the list to a few top interests here that you can experience. Some of the top Christmas Market Wrocław attractions are:

1. Try the lip-smacking Polish food, alcohol-based drinks, regional delicacies from the mountains, tasty soups, and delicious sausages. I have been talking about mulled wine relentlessly, so I am not even mentioning that. They have a multitude of flavours to try from.

Mulled winę in Christmas market in Wrocław

Protip: If you want to try a cheaper and better-mulled wine version without bothering yourself much with the Google Maps navigation, head to Bistro 8 1/2 – włoska kuchnia w filmowym stylu located right in the Main Market Square. For the same price that you pay in the Christmas Market, you end up savouring at least twice as much wine. Hence a better experience. Tipsy, tipsy!! 😉

Then comes Oscypek, regional Polish cheese and a popular one totally worth a try. I recommend it to every tourist in Poland. The smoked cheese made from goat milk is salty and served with jams. It tastes the best when served hot. Though its origin is from the Polish mountains, I recommend you the one from the Christmas Market.

Wrocław Christmas Market

Pancakes and crepes are the other popular must not miss in Wrocław. Speaking of crepes, if you are in Wrocław for a day or two, make sure to stop by FC Naleśniki to try out some of the best versions of crepes and pancakes in Poland, salty as well as sweet. For more dessert options, shops selling Belgian waffles, Hungarian chimney cakes, churros, and paczek make many other options. 

Bigos, skewers, filets are other regional Polish food to try in the Christmas Market. You won’t fall short of food variety options. You can take my words on that.

Tumski Bridge during Wrocław Christmas

2. Head to Ostrow Tumski and feel the moody ambience of the oldest and most enchanting location in the entire Wrocław.

3. Don’t forget to catch the magical sight of a lamplighter in the hood lighting up the gas lamps across the Tumski.

Tumski bridge during Christmas in Wrocław

4. Optionally, you can climb to the top of the cathedral, the one you can see in the middle of the pic above. The view from the top is phenomenal, as it offers unceasing views of the city, bridges, Orda river and gorgeous city views. 

The good thing is, winter sunsets happen around 3-4 pm. It means you can catch one of the majestic Wrocław sunsets while the viewing deck is still open. The price is 15 pln per head, and they offer a student’s discount.

Wrocław Christmas Market Rynek

5. Attend the Christmas eve midnight mass at the Katedra. A perfect occasion for those looking to experience the authentic Christmas traditions in Poland. The priests, all dressed in formal attire, sing and pray. Tumski Cathedrals being a major one not just in Wrocław but also in the entire Lower Silesian region, attracts lots of tourists and locals. Make sure that you are there at the stroke of midnight on 24th December.

Wrocław Christmas Market

6. Take photos with all the fancy decorations and props in the Christmas Market.

7. Ride on a horse-driven carriage in the Main Market Square. These are some of the experiences that make for the essentials of the Christmas Market in Wrocław. 

8. Special fun rides and play areas for kids, which means they’ll have a great time riding different joy rides.

What makes Christmas Market in Wrocław special?

Christmas Tree in Wrocław Christmas Market Rynek

Everything about Wrocław Christmas Market is so bewitching and fairytale-like. The light shows, decorations, fairy forest, gnomes, mulled wine stands, and the massive space and location, everything adds up to make it the top Christmas Market in Europe.

The spirit of Christmas permeates the air, and the aroma of festivities quenches your soul! The best of the wintry night in Poland basking in the glow of the main square leaves you all soaked and mesmerised. 

Wrocław Christmas Market

There’s plenty more to explore and enjoy in Wrocław and nearby regions. Though some of the activities are season-specific, you can try out a bunch of activities from the recommendations here: Best Of 48 Hours In Wrocław – Venice Of Eastern Europe

If you still need more tailor-made suggestions and advice on a tour of Wrocław or Poland trip, don’t forget to get in touch. Thank you!


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