Bewitching & bustling! Europe never ceases to amaze its admirers. No matter what time of the year it is, the top European destinations exude this trademark “European vibe”, which perfectly charms tourists on any given day.

Speaking of the most prominent attributes, how can I not mention the seamless views of terracotta roofs shining in the summer sun, the polished cobblestone streets resembling freshly refined copper, and busy bylanes of the Main Square, with thousands of curious tourists around.

That’s the idyllic picture of a quintessential European town I envisioned until I finally saw it for real. City centres of top European destinations remain the busiest place where you visit top cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars.

View of Wroclaw city from Kredka dormitory

It’s time you looked past the likes of Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, and Amsterdam and ventured more towards the east. Flixbus and Ryanair are known to offer remarkably cheap prices for travels across Europe. Europe has plenty of quaint corners where cities are greener, alleys are quieter, facades are fancier, and folks are chirpier.

Sunset behind Tumski Island in Wroclaw

Adorned with some of the world’s most renowned art and architecture, east European cities are unique and vastly affordable to explore. When you travel to Eastern and Central Europe (excluding Germany), you will have similar thoughts. Presenting before you the best of eastern Europe, let me recommend Wrocław – the city that I address as my profound home three years on.

General description of Wrocław

Wroclaw city center aerial viewPoland – the lesser frequented European land garlanded by the Baltic Sea in the north; upheld by Sudetes, Tatry, and the Carpathians in the South, painted by magnificent national parks all over, especially the border region adjoining Czechia & Germany, and dotted with thousands of glacial lakes in the central and north. Also, did I tell you that there are some exciting wildlife parks, crooked forests, hundreds of magnificent churches & castles, and dunes in the east and northeast and some high mountains and forest in the far east?

But, I know that I have already talked so much about Poland in my previous blogs, therefore, I will stick to Wrocław tourist attractions in this write-up.

Rynek market square in Wroclaw PolandTowards the Southwestern Poland in Lower Silesian Voivodeship lies Wrocław – a city endowed with terrific architectural & natural heritage, lush greenery, exceptional trails, and pulsating nightlife. Odra river prettifies the city carving out the stunning fragments into the shape of numerous islands; the same islands that do not sleep in summer and are abuzz with night birdies.

Autumn in WroclawThe Sudetes Mountains outline Wrocław while numerous castles, memorials from the World War times, some of Hitler’s famous hideouts, and an abundance of natural areas around, everything that a tourist seeks. If you are considering a trip to Europe, Wrocław in Poland has to be on your itinerary.

Aerial view of Wroclaw city from Kredka DormitoryThere are plenty of things to do in Wrocław, and I have attempted to narrow down the list selecting the best of Wrocław tourist attractions you can explore while spending 48 hours in the city!

How to reach Wrocław

A government building in Wroclaw in PolandApproximate 4 hours of bus/train ride from Berlin will take you to this Lower Silesian paradise, a place you must not miss when you are on a trip to Central or Eastern Europe. Wrocław is quite close and easily accessible from other prominent European cities like –
Krakow – 3 hours
Prague – 3 hours 45 min
Berlin – 3 hours 43 min
Dresden – 2 hours 43 min

I recommend you to start your day 1 from the southeastern corner of the city!

Day 1

Since I have lived in the southeastern part of the city, which is a 20-minute tram (No – 9, 17, 33) ride from the centre, I will start from here. The area close to Pasaz Grunwaldzki is where you’ll come across, Kredka & Olowek, the two most fascinating structures towering above the entire region! They are the dormitories of the University of Wrocław. About 500 meters behind these structures, thick foliage of perfect nature awaits you with pretty walkways, verdant trees, quiet streams with some birdies giving it the look of a picture-postcard setting. That is Szczytnicki Park for you.

1. A lazy stroll in the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden in Wroclaw in PolandA pretty nature escape in the heart of Wrocław, Japanese Garden is one of the top places to visit in Wrocław for all the admirers of nature & its vibrant colors. The garden is a continuation of Szczytnicki Park, an old-kept nature park of the city dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The garden adjoins the Centennial Hall region, which is a UNESCO world heritage site and epitomises the beauty of the place. 

Japanese Garden in WroclawThe park region is mostly open from Spring to Autumn season and is closed during winter as there’s not much to explore in winter.

Japanese Garden WroclawProtip: Ogród Japoński as it is called in Polish is the place studded with stunning autumn colors. Make sure that you plan a visit here somewhere in October-November to experience the golden Polish autumn.

2. Go picnicking in the Szczytnicki Park

Szczytnicki Park in Wroclaw in PolandSzczytnicki Park, located in the eastern part of the city some 4 km from Rynek, is among the fascinating places to visit in Wrocław, especially with all the Autumn and spring colours around. The park, a haven of tranquillity, is a massive tourist attraction stretching 16 hectares. Over 350 species of trees flourish in the park premises. Cherry blossoms will remain my favourite memory from the park.

Wooden bridge in Szczytnicki Park in WroclawSzczytnicki Park has the charm and appeal of those typical English parks. People mostly come here to relax, exercise, or just enjoy a picnic.

Protip: This park could be your option if you’re thinking of some outdoor place to sit under the sun, grab a beer or enjoy a picnic with friends. 

3. Fancy kayaking? Do it in Stara Odra!

Kayaking in Stara Odra in Wroclaw PolandAfter soaking all the awesomeness at the Szczytnicki Park you have more of nature awesomeness coming your way, and this one is located next to the park.

Kayaking in Stara Odra is another fun activity that you must not miss when on a trip to Poland, Wrocław in spring, summer, and maybe autumn (subject to weather conditions). Stara Odra is the tributary of Odra which is equally as enticing as the main river itself. Embellished with lush greenery all along its banks, and home to some large fish population in the region, this place has plenty to offer.

View from Kayak in Odra in WroclawFor 20 zloty per hour, you can rent a Kayak and go back and forth in the river. Bedazzling greenery accompanied by unparalleled views around is worth your time and money. Don’t miss kayaking in Wrocław when you are around. You can plan on fishing followed by a barbecue session by the river if you have more hours to spare.

There are plenty of kayak rental services in the city centre region. So finding them shouldn’t be a problem. This is where I rented a kayak –

Protip: There’s another interesting kayaking option near Katedra Island! I’d highly recommend going for it because there are some terrific city views adorned with greenery that you’d come across while kayaking. And it’s not possible to see those corners otherwise.

4. Most Grunwaldzki Bridge, the ‘Wro’ Structure & ferry ride in Odra

Most Grunwaldzki bridge in WroclawSome outdoor activity can leave you hungry and you might want to grab a bite. Therefore, consider stopping by the Grunwaldzki shopping centre. Or it could be one of those nice cafes/pizzerias along the way (my pick – Bravo Pizzeria). Pasaz Grunwaldzki’s top floor has some great options. I like Oriental Express for its cheap (even better if you are a student), delicious and diverse food menu. Once you are done eating, cross the Most Grunwaldzki bridge.

Most Grunwaldzki river view in WroclawTo your right is the notable ‘WRO’ structure by the river. It is an excellent spot to get yourself click in a frame with this touristic landmark of the city. Certainly, I’d put it among the top places to visit in Wrocław.

This is a beautiful boulevard lined with trees on one side and the charming sight of the legendary Tumski Cathedral by the Odra banks on the other!

Sunset behind Tumski Island in WroclawProtip: Take a ferry ride in Odra at the sunset hour and you won’t thank me enough!

5. Take a walk into the history at Wrocław National Museum

National Museum WroclawOn the same alley, you’ll come across the national museum. Let me tell you that with its vibrant exteriors ornamented with red, brown, and green creepers, especially in the late autumn and spring season, it makes for a mystic sight to see. The National Museum is a must-visit attraction in Wrocław for all the art, craft, and history lovers.

National Museum gallery in WroclawEntrance to the National Museum is free on Saturdays. Moreover, with the ticket of this museum, you can also enter the museum of Panorama Raclawiska located barely 100 meters away. The national museum is the perfect depot of classical artwork from centuries back. It is here that you get to marvel at the interesting art pieces from renaissance and times beyond.

National Museum Courtyard view in WroclawThe National museum courtyard view from the first floor.

National Museum Wroclaw in autumnAt dusk hours, the museum wears the aura of a mystical place, resembling some wizard house.

6. And then get stunned by the sheer awesomeness of Panorama Racławicka

Panorama Raclawiska museum in WroclawThe colossal panorama painting located on the museum top floor is an amazement in itself. What you see here is a 360-degree lively painting on the wall which is a perfect depiction of the great battle of Racławicka.

There are only a few panorama museums around the world, and this one was built in the memory of the memorable battle fought in the history of Poland. Read more about the Panorama Raclawicka Museum here!

7. Walk the boulevard & check out Hala Targowa

River view in Wroclaw PolandYou never know what the massive gates in this city are hiding from you! Therefore, don’t hesitate to push open those fancy-looking pieces in the city centre region. As you enter through the giant Targowa door overlooking the tram station of Hala Targowa, your gaze will fall upon a huge market space with systematically aligned shops. With plenty of grocery shops here, you can buy everyday essentials that are not typical supermarket type.

The vegetables, fruits, meat, and other things (mostly edibles) are locally grown. Hala Targowa shopping centre is a decent marketplace to explore if you are looking to experience traditional marketplaces.

Riverfront in Wroclaw next to Hala TargowaUnlike supermarkets like Zabka, Biedronka, and Carrefour, this place has more local commodities from the farms. Be it fruits, veggies, flowers, meat, honey, chocolate, candies or some local pickles, you can find everything here. To the right of the Targowa shopping centre, there is a pretty riverfront with some well-laid benches along the river where you can spend the entire day sipping on a beer or a coffee. Of Course, it should be a sunny day!

Protip: Herbaciarnia is a cafe selling hundreds of tea and coffee varieties. And the interiors here are worth a mention too! I have spent hours working, reading, or just chatting with friends

8. Relive history & spellbinding charm of the University of Wrocław

University of Wroclaw in Wroclaw PolandOne of the city’s oldest structures, the University of Wrocław building is a fine piece of architecture from the 16th century. The building has stood the test of time over centuries showing resilience to all possible invasions that changed the landscape of Poland. This includes the deadly world wars and other invasions that befell Poland in the 18th and 19th century.

Interiors of University of Wroclaw museumToday, the University of Wrocław, a decorated educational institution in Europe enjoys a great deal of public attention and accounts for a majority of student crowd in the city. It won’t be wrong to mention that the University is a popular tourist attraction in Wrocław. The top of the University museum has a lookout point that offers a 360-degree view of the city centre region.

University of WroclawProtip: Kot Cafe is an amazing place to sit and chill with furry friends. There are two cafes in the vicinity of the main building and the one I’m talking about here is 500-600 meters from the main building close to Pomorska.

Cherry blossom in Autumn in WroclawSome stunning burst of Cherry Blossom by the street adjoining the main university building!

University main library in RynekA glimpse of the university main library located in Rynek! As fascinating as it looks, the university main library is definitely worth a visit on your trip to Wrocław.

9. Spend afternoon savouring history & terracotta hues of Ostrow Tumski

A view of Ostrow Tumski in WroclawDon’t miss the stunning sight of Ostrow Tumski bathed in the moonlight! Tumski Island with the sight of the magnificent Tumski Cathedral is a picturesque a visual treat for all the beholders. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, it’s the oldest part of the city dating back to the 10th century!

Lamplighter lighting a candle in Wroclaw in PolandBesides Tumski Cathedral, there are some other prominent structures of interest around like Archbishop’s Palace, St. Giles Church, and Seminary. Nothing like this place in the quietude of the night, especially for art and aesthetics lovers!

Ostrow Tumski WroclawIf you’re lucky enough, you can witness and experience the centuries-old ritual of Lamp lighting which is one of the last surviving European traditions and is a visual treat for an onlooker.

Read more: Lamplighting – A Centuries Old Tradition Kept & Practiced On Cathedral Island, Ostrow Tumski In Wrocław

Ostrow Tumski at night in WroclawTake a stroll in the rustic bylanes which also happens to be the oldest part of the city. To experience the flourishing nightlife and then head to Wyspa to spend an hour or so before calling it a day!

Protip: Ostrow Tumski is one of the favourite places to catch the sunset in the city!

10. Hop-on the outdoor party turf of Wyspa Słodowa – Student Island

People partying at Wyspa Island next to University of WroclawWhen the city sleeps, Wyspa stays awake! Słodowa Island (Wyspa Słodowa) or Student Island overlooking the magnificent building of the University of Wrocław is the perfect place to be. As the night grows dark during the summer and the initial autumn months, this is the place where the young crowd flocks to.

A view of the university building from WyspaThe islet has some floating bars and plenty of seating places to hangout with friends. On a good sunny day, you can come here with your barbecue set up and get some beers along.

Day 2

1. Overwhelm yourself with stunning colours at Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Wroclaw during summerA calm haven in the heart of the city, Botanical Garden oozes with terrific seasonal colours round the year. The multitude of flora species and creative set up across the park premises make it such a pretty place to be. A couple of fountains, with spouting water jets and some water flowers around make Botanical Garden such a calm place to visit in Wrocław.

Botanical Garden in WroclawThere are a few tour operators and commercial websites that recommend you to book a tour that includes a visit to places such a Botanical Garden. Well, I suggest don’t! Roughly 10-15 minutes far from the Wrocław City Center, Botanical Garden is the place you shouldn’t miss. Moreover, autumn is the time if you want to catch the fervent charm of this place flourishing at its best!

2. Adore the grandeur of the underwater world at Hydropolis

Hydropolis museum in WroclawHydropolis Museum, a premier tourist attraction and a centre for environmental education located in Wrocław is a facility dedicated to the vast water world and its remarkable beauty. The museum also happens to be a one-stop location for the knowledge dedicated to water, water life, and machines that thrive in water. It is here that you find educational values ​​combined with a modern exhibition form.

The unique exhibition is located in a historic, nineteenth-century neo-gothic underground tank of clean water covering ​​4,600 m². The reservoir functioned until 2011. A monument since 2002, Hydropolis Museum is a stunning tourist attraction in Wrocław and a must-visit place!

3. Go on a pub-crawling & cafe hunting spree in Świdnicka & Rynek Square

Rynek square during ChristmasRynek Square is everything right with this city. It’s massive, it’s pretty and oozes old-world charm. The city centre and streets leading to it have plenty of things to offer. Be it the old world charm of oozing from the Rynek Square or the numerous restaurants around.

Ryenk with Christmas tree under snowImpressive Christmas Tree in Rynek perfectly seasoned with snow flakes!

Statues at Arkady SquareRestaurants recommendation – Pizza Si, Akropolis, Whisky in the jar, Charlotte, and Kawalerka

Street next to Arkady Square in WroclawOn a pleasant summer evening, this lane adjoining Arkady Capitol is abuzz with tourists and life! Some pizza and beer can make for the perfect company here!

Rynek at sunsetAnd then you can treat yourself to a lip-smacking salted caramel lody (ice-cream) while watching something like this!

4. Go up the top of Sky Tower

Skytower in WroclawWrocław’s tallest structure is the envy of most of all the towering structures adorning the Wrocław Old Town because from the top of this gigantic structure the city looks completely different – tiny and neatly aligned mazes of fancy structures, modern and medieval. The sunset views from the top with that fascinating skyline and myriad of colours splashing the horizon is such a sight to behold.

Timings: 9am – 9pm (all days)

Sunset behind Skytower in WorclawProtip: Consider going there at least an hour earlier than your planned hour. There are usually long queues at the entrance around the sunset hour, especially when the sky is clear. Also, ask for a student discount if you have a valid student ID.

5. Go exploring Dworzec Główny & Wroclavia

Main railway station WroclawThe massive shopping mall in Wrocław, Wroclavia is definitely worth exploring if you’re in the city. The massive Wroclavia Mall overlooking the main railway station is a sight worth beholding. From massive showrooms to upscale dining options, Wroclavia has everything. Also, Arkady Capitol and Sky Tower are pretty close from here and are just 5-10 min walk away.

Wroclavia mall in Wroclaw PolandWroclavia Mall, on the opposite side of the main railway station, the is the perfect place to go shopping in Wrocław. Wrocław main bus station (Dworzec Autobusowy) is located in the same building. So in a 200-meter distance, you have the main railway station, bus station, and a massive shopping centre with a food court on the top floor, and almost everything you are looking for.

That said, there’s still a lot to do in the city. For example, if you’re not much into parks or museums, there are plenty of rustic cafes, and some great theme restaurant serving delicious Polish food. Let me know what you think of it. Looking forward to reading your suggestions or recommendations in the comments below.


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