The glory of the Polish Baltic coast precedes itself! Here, you come across some incredibly tempting geographical territories of the central European nation. Just so that you know, we aren’t discussing the mainstream beach destinations in Poland like the Tricity – Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot.

Trip To Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście – A Sublime Seacation At The Polish Baltic Coast

As we stray further out towards western Poland along the Baltic coast, some quaint coastal towns and beach resorts with azure waters await in all their glory. Guess that is enough to satiate the wanderlust of every sea person? It’s time to get more familiar with coastal Poland! Seamless coastlines, scrumptious local cuisines, friendly locals, and sun-dappled promenades are the top allures of these top beach destinations in Poland characterised by lush nature parks, swaying dunes, picturesque cliffs and panoramic piers.

Międzyzdroje & Świnoujście, located along the Baltic coast, are the premier beach destinations in Poland. The immaculate azure waters of Międzyzdroje outlined by the green canopy of Wolin National Park (Woliński Park Narodowy) serve as a spectacular holiday destination in Poland and a perfect weekend getaway from Wrocław. 

Where is Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście

Międzyzdroje, also pronounced Misdroy, is a Polish city and a seaside resort in northwestern Poland on Wolin Island. Referred to as “The Pearl of the Baltic” by many, Międzyzdroje is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship between secluded sandy beaches of the Woliński National Park with craggy cliffs and the leafy forests. The park has a well-known bison reserve, ample hiking and biking trails, and exuberant nature spots. Add to that the sun-soaked beaches, Kawcza Mountain, lighthouses, bunkers from World War, and you have a tantalising beach destination ready to be explored. The spa climate of Międzyzdroje and abundant tourist services add to the charm of the city.

Polish seacoast has numerous attractive destinations & Świnoujście, located in the vicinity of Międzyzdroje, gives you considerable reasons to put it on your list of top places to visit in Poland. Located on the north-western end of Poland, Świnoujście is the only Polish city scattered over dozens of islands. Świnoujście is demarcated by the Szczecin Lagoon from the south, the Baltic Sea from the north (the Bay of Pomerania), the German border from the west, and the Międzyzdroje Commune from the east. 

Świnoujście enjoys a fantastic location and plenty of nature diversity, making it a strategic point for key outdoor activities. It is one of the largest towns in the West Pomerania Region. The city serves as a maritime economic centre (a key port in Poland) and a prominent Naval base. On top of it all, Świnoujście is a popular resort and tourist destination as well. Areawise, Świnoujście keeps growing year after year, thanks to extra sand at the beach amassed by sea currents.

How to reach Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście

Szczecin and Koszalin are the nearest major cities to Międzyzdroje. High-speed train networks and buses operate from major Polish cities and east German cities to Międzyzdroje.

A UBB train runs between Germany and the part of Świnoujście located in Uznam. On the German side of the island, 12 km from the city, there is Heringsdorf Airport. Berlin is 160 km away, while the Swedish Coast is only 175 km, and Denmark is 150 km far from Świnoujście.

Optionally, you can also take a flight to Gdansk and continue the train to the far northwest.

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Top things to do in Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście

Spread across 44 islands, Świnoujście has its main population inhabited on Uznam, Wolin, and Karsibór. Uznam is home to 80% of Świnoujście’s population. Only 40 km2 of the island belongs to Poland, while the remaining 380 km2 lies in Germany. Wolin, with an area of 265 square km, is Poland’s largest island.

If you are into agritourism, angling and water sports, Karsibór has ideal conditions to welcome tourists with open arms. In the northern part of the island, the Karsiborska Kępa bird refuge, with more than 180 hectares, is home to about 140 species of birds, including some rare species. Wolin and Uznam are connected by two ferry crossings.

Świnoujście has favourable conditions for the growth of the maritime economy and tourism. Sea-ferries terminal from Świnoujście provides continuous connections to Sweden and Denmark for passengers and other goods transport. The city acts as a link between Central and Southern Europe and Scandinavia. 

Here are some of the top things to try in Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście

Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście, packed with stunning nature forms, presents every nature lover with an enormous world of possibilities to explore and experience the allure of the Polish coast.

1.  Hike in the Wiolin National Park (Woliński Park Narodowy)

Located at the cradle of the Oder River, Wolinski National Park is a top nature reserve in North-Western Poland. The national park region protects the ecologically fragile north-western part of Wolin Island. Pomeranian Bay and the inner salt waters of Szczecin Bay has gained the Woliński National Park the title of ‘First maritime park in Poland’. Inside the Park area, there are 15 km long and up to 95 m high cliffs. Moreover, the charm of the national park is enhanced by the 4 post-glacial lakes: Warnowskie, Rabiąż, Czajcze and Domysłowskie, and artificial lakes: Turkusowe (Turquoise) and Stara Kredownia, located inside the park region.

The tourist infrastructure in the park is well developed and comprises an educational – historical centre (under the equipment), European bison breeding centre, observation points, parking areas, and a vast network of tourist trails (combined length approximately 46 km).

All the fun activities and prominent beach attractions aside, hiking in the Wiolin National Park are one of the best things to do in Międzyzdroje. 

That’s the outdoor lover in me suggesting you some active ‘to-do’ options. But if you are in for a lazy and relaxing vacation in Międzyzdroje, you can totally skip it. 😉 The nature park is full of wilderness and nature’s diverse scenery in the form of cliffs and well-marked trails.

Major tourist attractions in Wolinski National Park: Turkusowe lake (for the turquoise watercolour), Zielonka hill, European bison breeding centre and observation points Gosań, and Kawcza Góra

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2. Soak up the Sun at a beach

The gorgeous golden sandy beaches, calm blue skies, and infinite sea teaming with nature colours create magical framing for every outdoor enthusiast out there. Beaches in Międzyzdroje & Świnoujście are comparatively less crowded than top beach destinations in Poland like Gdansk and Hel. Late summer here is unquestionably a treat. If you stray a bit farther away from the populated beaches and have lady luck on your side, you might spot some seals relaxing on the beach. Tourists have shared pics of seals lying ashore in Międzyzdroje from time to time.

3. Walk the Międzyzdroje Pier

Międzyzdroje Pier is the most recommended attraction and the most popular place of interest in Międzyzdroje. The Pier juts into the Baltic Sea, offering unique 360-degree views of the pristine sea, enormous coastline, and several local restaurants, cafes, and shops. Walking here at the sunset hour or late at night is an experience you must not miss. Some nice romantic walk here with your special one might open new doors of possibilities in your relationship after all!

Address: Bohaterów Warszawy 18a, 72-500 Międzyzdroje

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4. Visit the Oceanarium

The Oceanarium Międzyzdroje is a major tourist attraction located by the promenade. Slightly expensive when compared to the price of most of the museums and tourist attractions in Poland, the Oceanarium in Międzyzdroje brings before you the best of exotic aquatic life to experience up and close. There are miniatures, life-size fish, some infographics, and plenty of fun activities for kids. Exploring everything at the Oceanarium usually takes 2-3 hours.

Address: Bohaterów Warszawy 16B, 72-500 Międzyzdroje

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, all days

Price: 55 pln(regular), 45 (with discount for seniors & students) | Website

Google Maps

5. Ride the ferry from Międzyzdroje to Świnoujście

Every half an hour, a ferry plies from Międzyzdroje to Świnoujście, and the ride on it is free of cost. The ride duration is approximately 15 minutes.

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6. Explore the promenades by the sea in Międzyzdroje – Świnoujście

The splendid Baltic coastline along Międzyzdroje – Świnoujście is well-marked with hiking trails & wonderful promenades. Walk along, you can spot a bunch of shops selling fresh and delectable seafood and other things of interest. You can savour the best of Seafood in Poland in Międzyzdroje – Świnoujście.

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7. Some photography & uninterrupted Baltic views at Stawa Młyny – the windmill in Świnoujście

Stawa Młyny in Świnoujście is a headland adorned with the blue waters of the Baltic and a lovely windmill. Stawa Młyny also means a beacon, which is in shape of a windmill in Świnoujście, West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland. The beacon also marks the approaching land for vessels closing in the Port of Świnoujście, from the Baltic Sea.

The picture-perfect windmill draws plenty of attention from hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. Let’s say it is the most photogenic spot in Świnoujście! The beaches around beam with golden sand, and then there are some nicely done beach bars with rooftop views and plenty of spots to unwind. Bathe in the ocean, ride a ferry or walk around capturing the perfect frame, there’s plenty to do at Stawa Młyny in Świnoujście.

Location: Uzdrowiskowa, 72-600 Świnoujście

Google Maps 

8. Climb to the top of LightHouse (Latarnia Morska w Świnoujściu) & visit the bunkers around from World War

Świnoujście Lighthouse, also known as Latarnia Morska Świnoujście, is an active lighthouse on the Baltic Coast and an eminent tourist attraction for history lovers. If you’re a sucker for 360-degree views, especially with the gallant views of the Baltic sea, don’t miss a visit to the Świnoujście Lighthouse. You have to dawdle through the overtiring stairs (hundred-some, don’t remember the exact number) of the lighthouse to reach the viewing deck. 

Up there, a magnificent view comprising of the curvaceous Baltic coastline, docks with frequenting ships, ferries, boats and cruises, and bunker structures around from World War times await you.

Address: Ku Morzu 5a, 72-600 Świnoujście

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, all days


Google Maps

9. Visit the upside-down house in Świnoujście (Dom do góry nogami)

Upside-down houses in Poland have always fascinated me. Most of such places are often referred to as ‘tourist traps, but I’d still recommend a visit there. The upsidedown house in Świnoujście is located a few hundred metres away from the promenade.

Walking around in the house with such sloppy curves is a trippy experience in itself, but that’s the fun. The tickets are not that pricey (15 pln per person approximately), and everything inside the house is so detail-oriented and mind-blowing to look at. Visiting this place will take you about an hour, more or less. Definitely worth squeezing it into your itinerary!

Address: 72-600 Świnoujście

Hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Google Maps

The entire market region around the beach and promenades serves as a utopia for seafood lovers. There are some great cafes and restaurants in Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście centre are where you can enjoy the best food in the town. Some of my favourite spots that I’d recommend you to check out.

Top restaurants in Międzyzdroje

1. Restauracja Dolce Vita

2. Rafa Restaurant

3. Carmen

4. Port

5. Kuchnia Virgo

Top restaurants in Świnoujście

1. Kurna Chata

2. Restauracja Promenada

3. Rybna Chata

4. Mistral Restaurant

5. Restauracja Vinyl

Stay informed that you might find some of these restaurants overpriced because of their location. Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście, as the supreme beach destination in Poland, attracts an overwhelming number of tourists during the summer. That’s the time when tourism peaks in this part of Poland and prices are rip-offs.

Where to stay in Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście?

When it comes to finding the best and the cheapest stay options for my upcoming trips, I rely on & Airbnb. The fact that coastal and unpopular cities like Świnoujście & Międzyzdroje have plenty of nice homestays, villa, and apartment options located at a walking distance from the beach makes them an ideal fit!

Always remember, advance & off-season booking is your key to pulling-off a budget trip!

Best places to stay in Międzyzdroje (based on most ratings & reviews)

1. Hotel Aurora Family & SPA

2. Monaco Ville

3. Bel Mare Resort

4. Golden Tulip Międzyzdroje Residence

5. Apartament Prestige & Sea Horyzont 613

Best places to stay in Świnoujście

1. Hilton Swinoujscie Resort And Spa

2. Radisson Blu Resort Swinoujscie

3. Hamilton SPA & Wellness 

4. Hotel Cesarskie Ogrody

5. ApartPark Baltic Home

The slow charm & absorbing coastal vibes of Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście is unique in their ways. I’ll dub it unfair if you visited North Poland and weren’t able to explore the far west Polish Baltic Coast sufficiently. Therefore, consider a stopover in Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście during your future trip to Poland. Even a weekend trip from Wrocław to Międzyzdroje-Świnoujście might turn out to be a thoughtful decision. 😉

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