Poland is a quiet and subdued neighborhood located in Northeastern Europe. Less on population and high on attraction, this country woos every discerning artist and historian with its age-old fervent charm. Zakopane, the mountain city in southern Poland located 407 km to the south of Warsaw, is an ideal slip for the seekers. With Tatra Mountain and Slovakia bordering the city’s southern frontier, and plenty of trekking and skiing spot around, Zakopane throws its magical spell on every wanderer coming in its embrace.

Even we couldn’t do much but get drawn to it! And it’s the wooden cottages of Zakopane sitting on the slants of the Tatras that I found the most appealing. Peeping through the dense alpine, and looking as magical as it can get, these wooden structures need special mention.

The cottages, with their frightening yet enchanting appearance, exhibit finest work of age-old craftsmanship that Zakopane still thrives on. These places look nothing less than the shooting location of a Hollywood horror movie. As uncanny as they appear, these wooden structures are carved to withstand the cold, windy, and snowy conditions in the Polish mountains. While you would be exploring the Tatra Mountains in Poland, you would stumble upon such views more often.

Taking you straight to the eerie streets of Zakopane! Feast upon the heavenly views (not sure if you’re going to find them heavenly), for they are beyond comparison.

A view of Zakopane from the highlands near Gubałówka


Gloomy day, dampened air, and green outdoors were calling out to us, and we were prompt


Just a routine check of the surroundings from our quaint nest


Walking through this narrow road was fun until we were told that this whole setting looked like a typical horror movie location


Two travelers in the quest to find the unknown. The guy is like, ‘I’m super excited’, while the girl is like, ‘I’ve been to this place a lot of times. What’s new here?’


While looking at the pictures, this particular click won our hearts


Picturesque or appalling? Or both?


A girl knows no fear. Maybe, coz it was daytime and she had a company


No, it never crossed my mind that I should check out the house right behind this pole


The perfect overcast conditions made the frame even more exciting. How about this one?


And this isn’t an advertisement of Mazda & Toyota. It’s the eerie cottage in the backdrop that looks like some age-old abandoned house & it’s shit scary


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By the way, there was something different about the eye of this cat. No, we weren’t scared at all


This was one of the few hotels that looked least scary & more alluring


It was Sylvester’s Eve & every corner of Zakopane was decorated. But this street seemed to have a different story to narrate


When lights got entwined between the branches and made an exceptional view!


Not a single soul passed by because these good fellas sleep quite early & they don’t like to piss off their neighbors either!


Come what may, we had the dragon glass and even white walkers could be tackled comprehensively


Combat practice keeps fear at bay


The same picture with some vanilla topping!


What could have been a scary show was transformed by the fudgy snow


The night was dark & blue; thankfully we didn’t stumble upon any white walker


Though the moon shone its fullest, it longed for this tree to complete it!


A lady returning home after a long day. The snow was already 2 days old & walking on it wasn’t easy at all


Hey! That’s our picture-perfect nest – U Lisa! All Covered in snow


This is one of the best homestays in Zakopane & perfect for your next visit to the mountain city. I bet, you won’t find a better location and such incredible host anywhere in Zakopane.

Mesmerized, enchanted, scared, or awed? But you have to give them ten on ten. The houses & cottages in Zakopane truly are class apart.


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