Sundays are for chilling and staying in bed for as long as you prefer! But then, there are Sundays when you choose to venture out of your comfort zone and seek adventure, a good adventure, while trudging through piles of snow, finding your foothold and soaking terrific white-washed views around. Lower Silesia in Poland is bestowed with hundreds of such terrific spots. Another reason why I love Wroclaw is because of its great location.

Owl Mountains snow covered landscape

The Silesian Uplands, Sudetes, and Karkonosze around Wroclaw have some gorgeous neighbouring towns that are worth your visit, and they make for a super quick day trip from Wroclaw. These quaint towns and mountain hamlets are picturesque, obscure, thrilling yet enchanting in every way, basking in nature’s glory and tempting you to pay a visit. Bielawa is one such town located 65 km from Wroclaw! Now that’s a tempting proportion for me, and perhaps you too!

Bielawa – General description & getting there


My first impression of Bielawa was, “What a lovely place to live!”. With all those alluring old-fashioned buildings, Bielawa Town had my curiosity. The fancy mountain huts and hotels, and even the government buildings had the charm of the Disneyland.


As you walk along, it gives you that aura of an evacuated town with fewer souls around, or maybe it was a Sunday morning when we went there! So with all the heated houses in subzero conditions, it would be unreasonable to expect the residents venturing out on the street.

Owl Mountains landscape in Bielawa

Bielawa rests in the foothills of the oldest mountains in Europe – the Owl Mountains, and Sowie Mountains Landscape Park, the primary reason that drives the tourists and those from the neighbouring town there. The town has a great attraction in the form of the lake reservoir that can be spotted immediately after getting down from the train.

A skier in the Owl Mountains

Moreover, this place offers exciting activities around the lake region with all the beach sand and outdoor sports infrastructure. Additionally, there are 500 kilometres of MTB routes, hiking, ski lifts and an abundance of nature around to welcome all sort of tourists.

Ludwikowice Kłodzkie train station near Bielawa

The town is well connected with other major towns around by rail and road connection. Koleje Dolnośląskie trains and Polbus connects Bielawa with major cities in Lower Silesia like Wroclaw, and Wałbrzych.

The route

The hike route

Yellow Trail: Bielawa Zachodnia – Three Beeches – Cold Glade
Red Trail: Cold Glade – Zygmuntówek Shelter
Green Trail: Zygmuntówek Shelter – Jugów – Molke Museum – Ludwikowice Kłodzkie, railway station

Hike trail in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

The trail is 18 km long, and it took us around 7 hours to complete the hike, which excludes all the drinks, snack, and photography break.

The hike in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

Hikers in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich
Tempting as it sounds, Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich is nothing less than a winter wonderland during winter in Poland. For everyone planning a trip to Poland in winter, this hike is easily doable and must be on your Poland trip itinerary. You have to spare an entire day to explore the best of this trail that starts after you disembark at Bielawa Zachodnia (Main Train Station).

A government building in Bielawa

As you walk across the modest suburb of Bielawa trudging past the fancy-looking neighbourhood with antique buildings, and picturesque cottages, you’ll soon hit steep upslopes, and that indicates your entry into the nature park. The slopes are gradual for most of the route besides a few sharp ones that are considerably demanding.

Another fancy building in Bielawa near Wroclaw

While you will be whipping out heaps of snow with your boots making way through the mystical forest, don’t forget to treat yourself to the overwhelming views around. That is what a winter wonderland looks like! All said and done, don’t forget to clothe yourself adequately before you chose to venture into the nature park. Once there, you will know that Owl Mountains Landscape Park is any day as good as Zakopane in winter if not less.

A view from the Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

My reason is precise, it has equally fascinating views and daunting trails if not less, and you have plenty of snow at your disposal. As a top winter destination in Poland, Zakopane tempts lots of tourists during winter which makes it way too overcrowded. People visit there get overwhelmed by long traffic jams during the peak season, therefore, it’s advisable to look for places closer and equally charming if not less.

Zygmuntówka shelter in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

Upon reaching the Zygmuntówek Shelter, you will find plenty of enchanting views around with plenty of skiers on the slope. And this is the place to grab some quick bite, grill some sausages by the fire and relish the warm tea. It’s so refreshing! As you go further, you’ll encounter some slippery slopes and a picture-postcard village.

Zygmuntówka shelter in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

By the time you end the hike, you will be rewarded with a great experience, unforgettable views and some sore muscles, if you repeat the same mistakes that I did.


Here it is guys, take a note of these crucial tips that are more of learnings from my adventure & you will come back more satisfied!

Some basic hiking tips for your trip to Owl Mountains Landscape Park

Posing near Zygmuntówka shelter in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

1. I would suggest a warmer and a moderately thick jacket, cap, balaclava, and gloves,
hiking boots with a good grip or some additional spikes on them.

2. Don’t forget to stock up your day pack with plenty of juice, chocolates, some hot tea, and sandwiches. Depends on what you’d fancy!

3. Stretch well before you set for the hike or you’ll be nursing an ailing hip, just like I did.

And that will be all from me!

Kuksa near a fireplace in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

If you have some question regarding this trip or any other trip in Poland please feel free to write it down here for me. I will be more than happy to assist you in any possible way I can. Keep travelling and keep exploring friends. The world is a beautiful place!

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