Fluttering from the autumn tree, the leaves spoke of love to me…


I have been a winter child, always! No season fills my soul like the way winter in its full glory does, for, I remember it as a symphony of pristine white, accompanied by wild and raw breeze rushing past the mist-laden alpine. By the virtue of all these dramatic spectacles and imaginations, I never really thought expected that there would co-exist another season that would impress me beyond my imagination & leave me quenched.


So until I had moved to Poland, I was untouched by the grandeur of nature called Autumn! I came, I saw, and I perceived autumn as the season of colours, warmth, love, and pure bliss. My thoughts before visiting this part of the world were pretty imaginary and textbook kind of, because I belong to the plains in eastern India and this part of the country doesn’t experience too many seasons and even if it shows an impact somehow then it’s not visually evident here.


But, allow me to mention that there’s nothing like autumn in Poland. Before bragging further about Polish autumn, I’d like to mention that, the part of India I belong, and where I’ve spent most of my life isn’t known to have too many diverse seasons! While mountains in India have a different story to tell for they experience all the seasons quite fairly, plains are rather boring recuperating from summer strokes for a better part of the year.


If it goes with me, I was born and brought up in Bihar – the state in the eastern part of the country, located in the plains and epitomized by warm and dry climate for most of the year. Monsoon and winter are the other two distinguished weather variants experienced by people of India for the remaining time of the year. The same would be an apt description for New Delhi – India’s capital city in the north where I spent almost half a decade before finally moving to Poland in Eastern Europe for my higher studies.


In short, autumn came to my life as the missing fraction of an incredible journey – a perfect picturization of what I had been seeing in the photos and the likes of Hollywood movie set. In the following blog, I’ll show you how I saw autumn during my first two months in Poland.


And after seeing a bit of other Polish cities like Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, and a bit of the Polish forest region in the north, in the same time frame, I can concur that there’s nothing like autumn in Wroclaw. You’d also find it interesting to know that Wroclaw is one of the greenest cities in south Poland.


Wroclaw is the heart of Lower Silesia – the southwestern Poland region forming the border with the Czech Republic. However, I’ll be presenting you the photos captured from my phone while travelling across Poland. I made my conclusions only after evaluating the top places to visit in Poland for their architectural grandeur, nature, and colours of autumn decorating them all along.


What’s the best time to visit Poland to behold the best of Polish autumn?
Mid-September to early December is the perfect time to see the best of autumn in Poland. When trees plants bask in their full glory with dancing leaves painted in the myriad of colours.

The following photos clicked in Wroclaw will exhibit you places where autumn colours are most prevalent!

1. The magical view of my alma mater! Uniwersytet Wroclawski (University of Wroclaw) & Museum of the Wroclaw University


Magical as it looks in the frame, the University of Wroclaw main building is the perfect place to be on a bright beautiful autumn afternoon. The place is located at a stone’s throw distance from the city center and overlooks Ostrow Tumski, the historic old town with picture-postcard views. While student’s Island on the other side of the Odra next to the University Main Building is the perfect place to chill out, you can do a lot here other than watching the colourful birdies chilling out in the waters.

Location of University of Wroclaw:

2. My favourite place to sit down by the river Odra with a drink in one hand & book in the other. Be it autumn or winter, this place continues to remain glorious


The walkway is studded with plenty of benches and pavement to sit down and catch the magical view of the Old Town by the river, bluest skies on a clear day and love birds all around. With FreeCity Wifi available, I often chose to sit here with my laptop and work for hours, or just read! It’s just perfect here. On the opposite side lies the Tumski bridge with plenty of medieval buildings, and nice cafeterias around.

Don’t miss out on exploring Hala Targowa (also a tram station) – a big market place in the town center located right behind me in the photo above! On a fine morning, if you are in the vicinity of this place, you can smell the aroma of fresh cookies, sweet buns, doughnuts, pierogis, croissants, flowers, candies, chocolates, and plenty other mouthwatering delights. From small scale shops to utility places, the Hala Targowa market has a lot to offer just in one place. A boat ride in the mystical river while dining on the deck is surely one of the fascinating things you’d remember for a long time.
Location of Hala Targowa in Wroclaw:

3. Mommy & kiddo spotted in the Szczytnicki Park to the east of Plas Grunwaldzki in Wroclaw


Szczytnicki Park is a 10-minute walk from Dom Kredka of University of Wroclaw. To be more specific, it’s located right to the east of Plas Grunwaldzki.

and then I chose to complete this frame…


The park is blessed with a thick stretch of greenery and extremely lovely looking trees. Autumn casts its magical spell on the park and exudes all the possible colours that exist, coupled with plenty of charm and liveliness. The seating benches, children play area, and people training themselves make for the beautiful spectacle here and vibrant atmosphere in the park. If you want to pose in front of trees ladened with golden leaves, this is the place to be.

a tender shade somewhere in the park!


Actually, this park is absolutely enchanting, isn’t it? This one comes in a green shade


Location of Szczytnicki Park in Wroclaw:

4. The walkway near Kredka leading to Pasaz Grunwaldzki decked with red autumn leaves


One of my favorites, this pathway leading to Pasaz Grunwaldzki from Kredka is one of my favorites. When covered under the rustic autumn leaves this stretch can outshine any other pretty walkways in the world. All you need that perfect moment with clear skies!

here’s another one…


Location of Kredka in Wroclaw:

5. On a fine evening, an absolutely lit Swidnicka during the hours preceding sunset in the Wroclaw City Center


The street keeps bustling with people, rather too many of them since it leads to the City Center, all the time. What’s fascinating about this place during autumn is the charm and pretty sky that make for the perfect backdrop to this renowned place in the city.

What I’m going to present you now is a stunning nature area epitomised by rewarding views all around! You must plan a visit here during autumn. Everything is just perfect here during this time of the year.
Location of Swidnicka in Wroclaw City Center:

6. The mystic road leading to Sleza Mountains

IMG_4683 2

One of the best kept secrets of Wroclaw, Sleza offers you the enchanted forest and mystic spectacles when the autumn is at its prime.

Me somewhere in the forest in Sobotka in the pursuit of Sleza Mountains


There is a church and resting space at the top which would let you savor the best of the weather and surrounding there. Pale maple leaves, soaked in fresh dew drops adorn the benches laid out in the big seating cum resting area.

A bench decorated in autumn leaves at the top of Sleza Mountains on the outskirts of Wroclaw City


more awesomeness from Sleza Mountains!


and this one will remain the prized capture from the mystic Sleza Moutains!


Warsaw, the beautiful capital city of Poland is no less beautiful during autumn. Though I didn’t spend too much time here, this one will remain special.
Location of Sleza Mountains near Wroclaw:

7. Sitting by the window in a hostel in Warsaw City Center


Though I didn’t explore the capital city of Poland too much during the autumn, it still looked unbelievably amazing. Here’s how it looked from my modest hostel room close to the Warsaw city center.
Location of Srodmiescie in Warsaw:

8. Tuchola – the quaint town with abundant forest in Northern Poland


If you want to experience more of thick forest, untarnished nature, lakes, and the glorious ‘Golden Polish Autumn’ at its best, Tuchola is the quaint little town you must plan to visit. It’s 2 hour drive from Bydgoszcz and almost at the same distance from Gdnask!

the beautiful town has fascinating lakes, forests, and adjoining walkways narrating stories


Location of Tuchola in Poland:

So, how did you like the autumn colors from some of the most beautiful corners of Poland?


I’m pretty sure that just these photos don’t sum up the charming Polish autumn but and the wide, wild outdoors of Poland have a lot to offer during autumn. And when you are here during the next autumn make you that you start taking a note of the thick nature and less popular walkways!
Don’t forget to write me your thoughts in the comment section below!


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