What a lovely find Zielona Antresola is! I found this cosy restaurant draped in gorgeous green, adorned with tasteful ensembles and lively colours in the heart of Leszno.

Zielona Antresola in Leszno

As you’d be roaming around the city centre region on a warm summer afternoon, you may consider stopping by at Zielona Antresola and grab a jar of refreshing lemonade.

Located in the street leading to the centre, Zielona Antresola can be distinguished from a distance with its fancy plant and creeper adornments.

Zielona Antresola in Leszno

Zielona Antresola restaurant in Leszno is nothing less than a comforting nature escape.

The cafe interiors with all the chic design and mood-lit interiors are everything a tourist would want on a warm afternoon. Once you’re done exploring the city centre region, get there and spend some relaxing times there.

Zielona Antresola in Leszno

The apple pie and lemonade served at Zielona Antresola were great. Music and service were on point. Of everything, I got lost in this surreal world of gorgeous green. Highly recommended

Zielona Antresola in Leszno

Location: Zielona 14, 64-100 Leszno

Timings: 11 am – 11 pm, all days

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