As you tread along nature lesser traversed terrains, you end up receiving far more than you ever expected! It happens with me quite often when I plan an ambitious date with nature. The last time it happened on a fine Wednesday morning at the beginning of May as I decided to venture south-east of Wroclaw & cross the international border to reach Adršpach in the Czech Republic.

Adrspach nature park landscape

Exciting sandstone cliffs, deep ravines, gorges, and stunning viewpoints carpeted in the thick forest canopy make this place such an allure. Speaking of the major highlights of the park, it is the serpentine trails in and around the park and the turquoise lake at the entrance that turn it into a nature seeker’s fancy. And that’s the reason why it’s among the top attractions in Lower Silesia close to Poland-Czech border. Adršpach is a wonderful day trip from Wroclaw which you can plan on a weekend.

About Adršpach Nature Park in Czech Republic

Located in Broumov region of Czech Republic, Adršpach is a scenic nature park bustling with miraculous nature scapes. Also, known as Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, the vast nature park is entwined between the villages of Teplice and Metují, Adršpach and Čáp Peak above the village of Skály. Adršpach has dispersed gigantic rock forms, located across the entire region. They are sturdy, immense and are the perfect representation of humans as if they were posing for a family photo, or they were some couple hugging and kissing!

The entire nature park region is skirted by enormous rocks structures, some of them standing almost 100 meters tall. They are a treat to the eyes! With all those small water streams flowing amidst the rocks, the sight of pretty waterfalls cascading from one rock and slipping underneath the other makes this place such astonishing beauty.

How to reach Adršpach Nature Park from Wroclaw

Adršpach is 112 km far from Wroclaw Main Railway Station & is an ultimate option for anyone looking for a quick day trip to the diverse nature of Lower Silesian region. 2 hours of scenic train journey (in my case it was a weekend special train) will take you to Adršpach Railway Station located 50 meters from the park entrance.

This station is solely dedicated to this major tourist attraction. All you have to do is catch the early morning Koleje Dolnoślaskię train from Wrocław Głowny. Optionally, you can also drive to the nature park by road. It’s a 2-hour drive from the Wroclaw City Center.

General description of Adršpach Landscape Park

Once you are already inside the nature park, the imposing views of rocks will grab your attention. The impact of stunning nature around makes the 14 km walk seem so smooth.

Ample of steps, canyons, super-narrow passages- some of them as slim as 50 cm, lakes, and adorable rock structures jutting over the thick forest make the highlight of the nature park. You will need at least 3.30 hours to complete the entire hiking circuit inside the park.

But wait, did I tell you about the turquoise lake at the main entrance of Adršpach Nature Park?

That’s the mystical beauty that’ll have all your attention soon after you buy the ticket at the entrance and enter the park region. I’d say that it’s a mere glimpse of the remarkable beauty that you’re going to behold during the journey. Adršpach has a lush expanse of remarkable flora and also has a couple of waterfall and lakes only to make your experience more relaxing & scenic.

Overall, you need 4-5 hours of the comfortable hike to circumnavigate the park area, which has all efficient signboards, spot-on information system.

Entrance ticket price per person – 120 Czech Koruna, Discounted price – 70 Czech Koruna (for students)

Find more about the train timings on Koleje Dolnoślaskię train website.

Things you must know before heading to Adršpach near Wroclaw

  • You must wear comfortable hiking dress and hiking shoes as you plan a hike inside the Adršpach Nature Park. Refrain from wearing boots and jeans for the hike.
  • Carry some fruits, juice, or chocolates that could give you instant energy when you are tired during the hike.
  • Don’t worry if you forgot to carry edibles with you from home! There’s a souvenir cum refreshment show right at the entrance. You can buy things from there. And they have a coffee machine there too. But keep in mind that they accept only Czech Korunas. So it’s better to carry some Korunas with you as they don’t even accept a card with Pln or Euros. However, 50 meters from the park entrance, on the other side of the railway track there are plenty of cafeterias and restaurants where you can find amazing eating options. But most of them accept cash over cards. So, keep some cash handy!
  • Do not go there without running a proper check on the weather conditions. Since it’s a mountainous region, the weather changes in no time. It’s wise to be prepared for occasional rain.
  • There is a water reservoir deep inside the park mostly towards the end. You have to pay extra for a boat ride in that lake and it’s super crowded with tourists. I’d recommend you to skip that. It can be a waste of time and money.
  • If you went to the park on a train then make sure that you have the information about the returning train as well. Because towards the evening there is only one train that operates from Adršpach to Wroclaw and you wouldn’t like to be stranded there for the night!

If the city chaos & traffic of Wroclaw is getting on your nerves and you are desperately looking for a perfect nature hike just a couple of hours away from Wroclaw, then I’d highly recommend Adršpach Nature Park in Czechia!

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