The Great Himalayan Range is a wonder in South Asia that keeps surprising its lovers with infinite landscapes, snow-capped peaks, seamless valleys, and lush meadows! Ladakh – the prized jewel of Zanskar Range is wonderfully decked up with heavenly escapades and is home to millions of flora & fauna. Deep in the isolated Lungnak Valley in Ladakh lies Phugtal Monastery – a picture-postcard location tucked in the mountains near Ladakh.

The monastery resembles a honeycomb and the fact that one has to walk miles to get there makes it even more special.

About Phugtal Monastery


Phugtal Monastery (Phugtal Gompa) is one of the most isolated monasteries in India located in the remote Lungnak Valley in Zanskar, in the autonomous Himalayan region of Ladakh, Northern India. The monastery atop a cliff is home to Tibetan Buddhists. Its uncanny honeycomb structure & picturesque location makes it one of the most popular after places in India.

Best season to visit Phugtal Monastery: Mid-July to September


The monastery is home to 70 monks who live high up in the caves detached from the rest of the world. Monks in the monastery welcome all the travelers to explore the monastery & attend daily pujas, ceremonies & annual festivals. Overnight accommodation is also available at the guesthouse. There is a sprawling campsite next to the monastery, where you can erect your own tent and get the spectacular view of the monastery.

How to reach Phugtal Monastery

Travelers on their way to Phuktal Monastery

The monastery is a few hours drive from Padum, the biggest town in Zanskar. The drive brings to the end of the road. After which the monastery is a 5-hour trek (in slightly difficult conditions it takes a little less than 8 hours) through high mountain passes of the Greater Himalayas leading to the Phuktal monastery.

Things to keep in mind

The place is strictly a non-commercial zone, so you must carry the basic essentials with you. Also, there is no guesthouse or hotels in Phuktal. Tourists can make necessary arrangements for stay at the monastery or at one of the homestays in Padum.

The place doesn’t boast of too many eateries. However, the monks help tourists with the meals.

Do you want to relish the best of India?  Plan a visit to this place, for once!


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