Tasty food & tasteful interiors! Domowa presents you with the true essence of Wieleń. Tourists and residents from nearby town come to Wieleń in summer to cool down, chill, and enjoy water activities.

I crashed into Domowa to grab a wholesome lunch and beer with my girlfriend, and this experience topped it all.

Domowa restaurant in Wielen

What a tranquil haven Domowa is on a hot summer afternoon! Located in the heart of Wieleń in Greater Poland voivodeship, Domowa is an excellent restaurant exemplified by its great location, moody interiors, delicious food, and extraordinary service. There’s absolutely nothing I’d change here. The music and aesthetics of the place stood out.

Domowa restaurant in Wielen
Nice aesthetics
Green & fancy interiors

Location: Wczasowa 19, 64-234 Wieleń

Timings: 12 pm – 8 pm, all days

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And great food to top it all

I couldn’t stop admiring this captivating wall art done on the basement wall. I ordered their signature burger, and I must admit that it was so wholesome. Even the fries tasted so awesome. It is worth a try! I loved the visit here. Highly recommended

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