2.5 years on and several hikes later, Lower Silesia still amazes me with its absolute charm and magnificence, the reasons that make it a top nature spot in Poland. This time I chanced upon a perfect 2-day cabin experience in the Kłodzko Valley.

Kłodzko Valley is a cirque of the Sudetes mountain range sheathing the central Kłodzko County in southwestern Poland, near Wrocław. With the southern part stretching up to the Czech Republic, this region has plenty of nature spots, lush hiking trails, and a super quaint forest by the Kamieńczyk river ready to be explored.

Our cabin lay cocooned in the middle of a lush forest in Międzylesie town, near the Czech border, where we had uninterrupted access to the best riches from nature. The region doesn’t have many elegant structures or attractions around. But you can expect some of the most flawless nature sounds and saturated colours (since spring is already awake and flourishing). The houses around have verdant farms & barns packed with livestock. Indeed, it’s a quiet and quick getaway from Wrocław, ready to be explored.

Overview of Międzylesie town & Kłodzko Valley near Wrocław

Located about 33 kilometres south of Kłodzko, Międzylesie is a picture-postcard mountain town located in the foothills of the Sudetes. As you’ll be walking one of those lush trails in the Kłodzko Valley, you can spot some exotic chirpy friends from the woods. Hopping from one branch to the other on the trees perfectly enveloped in fresh moss, these extraordinary birds in the region are such a pleasant sight to behold.

The fact that Kłodzko Valley is a quick escape from Wrocław makes it a perfect allure for every outdoor enthusiast living in the Wrocław metropolitan region. Some of the most popular being hiking and water activities.

So, if you are someone who – enjoys travelling off-the-grid, fancies the sound of the wild, likes the raw essence of the forest, savours the soothing sound of the stream, and finds the cracking of bonfire utterly satisfying, this experience is definitely for you.

Moreover, since it’s springtime, the sleepy forest has begun crawling back to life. There are plenty of exotic wildflowers around oozing with the divine fragrance and fervent charm. The Czech Republic border is about a 25-minute walk. So if you’re planning to flex your leg muscles and feast your eyes with nature views, this hike in the Sudetes is a must-try. 

How to reach Międzylesie from Wrocław

The forest cabin is located in Międzylesie town by the Kamienczyk river. Międzylesie is a quick 2.5 hours train ride from Wrocław. KD trains serve as the perfect alternative for anyone planning to explore this region and around. Furthermore, there are excellent motorable roads leading to the valley region. So if you’re not much of a hiking enthusiast, you can rent a car and head straight to the marked location. But, that way, you will miss the thrill of exploring one of the top nature spots in Poland.

Map & more details on the hike in Kłodzko Valley

The cabin is tucked in the lush woodland of Kłodzko Valley 3.3 km from Międzylesie Railway Station. You can take the yellow trail starting from Międzylesie Railway Station and follow the route until you reach St. Michael Archangel Church.

Further along the main road, you can expect to stumble upon such verdant views!

The camping & cabin experience in Kłodzko Valley

The cabin where we stayed for a couple of days is private property owned by a friend. That is why I can’t suggest it to you here unless the owner is open to rent it to tourists. That said, there are plenty of cabins in the region around that you can look up on the internet and book.

Shortly after reaching the cabin, we set for a log hunt and treated ourselves to a delightful campfire. The dried and moist logs of the felled trees came handy, while the others seemed to be felled by harsh mountain wind. Also, the soil in the region was damp and soft, making it difficult for the tall trees to hold the ground as they’d try to resist the hostile mountain wind or storm.

Once the fire turned big and embers started exuding blue flames, it was time to grill some meat and veggies and other possible things that we carried along to grill. Music, nature sound, drizzle, some beer, loads of food, and some great company, that’s all we needed. Camping in the heart of Kłodzko Valley in the Lower Silesian region of Poland was fun.

The rustling of trees, a delightfully fresh stream running by the cabin, a bonfire brimming with juicy embers and abundance of warmth, the tireless chirp of birds, it all turned out to be thoroughly therapeutic and wholesome.

Day 2 started with some great morning light and wholesome breakfast. Since we were in the mountains, snow decided to keep us company, but not for too long. Eventually, we decided to walk towards the Czech border region, and the views were splendid and utterly satisfying. 

Even though the weather turned hostile rather soon, we loved every bit of the walk on the highlands through the lush meadows. Since we had the perfect infrastructure for camping and hammocking, there was no chance we could have missed it either. With the sun shining upon us, it was about time we fastened a hammock to the perfectly placed trees. I kinda fell asleep for a moment with all the perfect setting around and the cool breeze doing the trick. 

Soon, we started packing since we had an evening train to catch. We hiked back to the railway station following the same Yellow Trail, and it was even easier with the path and minus food that we devoured during the stay.

More activities to plan in the Kłodzko Valley

Once you’re in the Kłodzko Valley, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to try and explore. Some of my top picks are:

1. Water activities (canoeing and rafting) in the Kamieńczyk river

2. Bird watching

3. Hiking

4. Fishing in the river

5. Hammocking

There can be more additions to the list since it’s all about the kind of experience you’re looking forward to. But recommendations always come in handy when you’re planning an excursion.

Things to pack for the trip to Kłodzko Valley

Don’t pack light when you’re planning a couple of days to stay in the woods, all by yourself. Besides packing ample food and water, I recommend you make a checklist of other essentials that you consider carrying along. Dress according to the weather and don’t stuff too many clothes. So here are a few things that I’d like to list for everyone planning a camping and cabin experience:

1. Headlamp or torch

2. Lighter

3. Sleeping bag

4. Knife/saw/axe (always comes handy in the woods)

5. Grilling essentials

6. Extra pair of socks

7. Speakers (because why not!)

8. Inflatable neck pillow

9. Sunglasses

10. Mosquito repellent/ Lotion

11. Hammock

12. Meds/First-aid kit

You can always add more to the list. It’s a good idea to make a checklist and prioritize the essentials. 

Overall, it was a great cabin experience near Wrocław. A place I would like to recommend to everyone who manages to plan a trip to Poland or anyone looking for exciting nature places near Wrocław. The Kłodzko Valley and Międzylesie town are cradled by nature and a great place worth exploring! It certainly is a top Poland attraction that you mustn’t miss.

If you are looking for more options to explore Lower Silesia, read more: 17 Best Places Near Wrocław For Everyone Planning A Quick Escape From The City


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