Lapland, in its prime, left me overjoyed with its sheer extravagance! As outdoors flourished, I made sure to mark my presence there, not missing out on even a bit of awesomeness, soaking up the best of adventures that came my way. You just can’t keep calm when you’re out there in the midst of stunning forest prettified by heaps of snow. Braving the -30 degree something with your lungs fully inflated with the purest gush of air, and your senses are working faster than ever, adventure is all you seek.

There are times when you can clearly feel the tip of your limbs getting benumbed, but the heart will seek for more adrenaline rush! At least I did every time I was out there, marooned with the pristine Lappish nature.


And whenever I think of that frame, I just want to see myself mounted on a snowmobile. Yes, I will always look back on my experience of Lapland in winter as the amazing time exploring the virgin Rovaniemi outdoors, riding a snowmobile across frozen lakes, carefully negotiating the trails skirted by birch and pine.

So before writing any further, I’d want you to note it down somewhere – DO NOT say that you’ve been on a trip to Rovaniemi in winter if you didn’t ride a snowmobile there!

What’s the best time to experience snowmobile ride in Rovaniemi


Photo Courtesy: Nordic Unique Travels

Ideally, Rovaniemi and other territories in Lapland start to get good snow from the beginning or mid of November, which becomes a prominent part of the landscape until April. The temperatures drop drastically, and almost all the water bodies turn into toughened ice, which can be a meter thick or even more. Snowmobile becomes one of the preferred tourist attractions, to some extent local transport for the inhabitants, who prefer it along with any other mode of commutation that has sledge in it.

Nordic Unique Travels Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Photo Courtesy: Nordic Unique Travels

It’s quite fascinating that you can use one snowmobile for different experiences. So it comes down to your choices and how you tackle your fetish. During my stint as a tour guide and travel photographer in Rovaniemi, I came across numerous travellers who ended up being on more than one snowmobile tour.


Taking budget and other preferences into consideration, you can choose from some of the most popular snowmobiles tours in Rovaniemi which I’m going to suggest. Please keep in mind, Rovaniemi is generally not a budget-friendly tourist destination. You will be spending here in Euros and tours are generally expensive. But then you know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so plan it accordingly! 😛

Having said all, here are my top 5 recommendations for snowmobile tours in Rovaniemi in winter

Snowmobile ride on a frozen lake in Rovaniemi in winter

Photo Courtesy: Nordic Unique Travels

1. Snowmobile ride long/short across the lush Arctic forest


The more, the merrier. Though you can choose either the long or the short ride, I’d recommend the 3-hour one! The experience is extremely satisfying and will leave you with great memories. The short snowmobile ride isn’t that bad either. It usually lasts around 1.5 hours and crosses the beautiful Arctic forest and frozen lake. If the skies are clear, it’s going to be one of those days that’ll stay alive in your memories for a long time.

Tip: Be prepared for some harsh conditions outdoor, and suit up accordingly. However, almost all the tour operators in Rovaniemi provide with overalls, boots, helmets, balaclava, and gloves, it’s always wise to check with them in advance to avoid any last-minute confusion.

2. Snowmobile Sleigh ride


Photo Courtesy: Nordic Unique Travels

Well, if you aren’t much into riding or you don’t have a driver’s license then this option will fascinate you. A tour guide will ride the snowmobile pulling the sledge. You can sit back on the sleigh, and experience the majestic Arctic world right before your eyes, trying to warm yourself up while being covered in reindeer skin and blankets. All the bumps during the journey and sharp wind benumbing every exposed part of your body is an experience that will stay with you for a long time.

3. Hunting Northern Lights on a snowmobile

Northern Lights hunt on a snowmobile

A cool snowmobile, cooler Lappish outdoor, quietude all around, a freezing moonlit night with a milky way for the company, and the glorious Aurora dancing right above you! That’s exactly how a typical night in Rovaniemi in winter looks like, provided Aurora forecast is good and skies are clear. Hop on the snowmobile, and devour the snowy trails as you go out in the pursuit of Northern Lights. Rovaniemi’s lakefronts are famed for exceptional Northern Lights sightings.


All you have to do is, drive down to the lakeside through the thick forest, and wait for the lights to appear. Nothing compares to the experience of making a bonfire in the middle of a frozen lake and enjoying the perfect Lappish barbecue in during the midnight hours. Since 9 pm to 12 pm is considered as the perfect time for aurora sightings, plan your departure accordingly, or hire a guide if you don’t wanna stress yourself up doing the math.

4. Midnight Snowmobile Ride with some Lappish barbecue experience


There’s still plenty to see and explore with or without Auroras. Everything remains the same, but you don’t have the luxury of polar lights. But all days aren’t the same! Are they? And believe me, when you are out there ready to enjoy the best nature has to offer, the surroundings will consume you, and you’ll savour all those moments forever. For sure, I miss the barbecue sessions out there on the frozen lake.


5. Snowmobile Photography Tour while hunting Auroras

Hunting Northern Lights on snowmobile in Rovaniemi in winter

Photo Courtesy: Nordic Unique Travels

Protip – Either bring your own camera or hire a tour operator/professional tour guide that will capture your precious moments.

Because one just doesn’t travel to Lapland every day. If you’re there, it means you’ve strived for it, and planned it for a very long time and for sure spent a lot. Don’t miss the crucial part by overlooking the basics. Phones are pretty much capable these days but believe me they aren’t the best when it comes to capturing the Northern Lights in its full glory. All the photos of the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi that I have used in this blog and other Lapland blogs have been clicked on the professional camera (DSLR). And that’s one souvenir which will adorn the wall of your bedroom for a lifetime.


If you’re in Rovaniemi during the peak winter season, then pick the Northern Lights photography tour with snowmobile, and slay it like a pro! If it’s your day, you’ll get a shot worth million bucks! If you too have experience of snowmobile tour in Lapland then share in the comment section below. And if you need my help in planning your next trip to Rovaniemi in winter, write me a message/email. Thanks for reading. Stay adventurous friends!

Photo copyright: Whistling Hound, Nordic Unique Travels

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