Do you think you have explored Wrocław and its neighbourhood quite well enough? 

Maybe you have, but I’d still recommend you to go through this blog because sometimes you get all pompous and miss something significant. Who knows, you might end up finding something super exciting in your vicinity! Lower Silesia is bestowed with remarkably rich nature spots, and still, a lot of tourists don’t even contemplate going beyond Wrocław City Center. Of course, there is no denying the fact that the heart of the Lower Silesian region resides in Wrocław, but it’s time you looked around the city & plunged into nature’s quietude that this region is recognised for.

There are plenty of places near Wrocław that make for top tourist attractions in Poland. The enormous nature & rich architectural preserves of Poland has left millions of tourists fascinated, and Lower Silesia in southwestern Poland sharing borders with the Czech Republic & Germany is a traveller’s delight.


The Silesian Lowland, Sudetes Foreland, and the Sudetes Mountains along with Karkonosze Mountains for the gorgeous nature escape in Lower Silesia. Club all these magnificence with some architectural wonders like the Church of Peace in Swidnicathe largest wooden baroque church in the world, Ksiaz, and Grodno Castle, and you’ll savour every moment spent exploring places near Wrocław.

Nature park in Wroclaw

I know it’s not all, and there’s plenty more you can explore besides all the places suggested below, but believe me, these are the hidden gems of Lower Silesia and a must-visit. The best part, however, remains that all of these places are about a 2-hour drive from Wrocław.

Take a look at these 16 most compelling places to visit near Wrocław!

1. Mt. Ślęża, Ślęża Landscape Park


Through the thick forest canopy of Sobotka town leads the trail to a spectacular spot in Lower Silesia which is barely a half-hour drive from Wrocław. A relaxing getaway for everyone craving the scent of the pine. The hike to Mt. Sleza is so satisfying because Lower Silesia is much more than a few captivating riverfronts and drool-worthy medieval architectures skirting the city centres.


Buses are the most reliable and the quickest option to travel to Sobotka Town from where Sleza Mountain is a 10 km hike (back and forth). There is a beautiful church & a nice resting place at the top of the mountains.

Distance from Wrocław: 44 km, 46-minute drive

2. Milicz Nature Reserve (Stawy Milickie), Barycz Valley


Milicz Nature Reserve is a calm neighbourhood in the Barycz valley region known for spotting migratory birds & carp fish. The beautiful ponds, (Stawy Milickie) separated by a photogenic bridge, lie in the vicinity of Milicz Railway Station. With all the breathtaking autumn colours around, Milicz is a nature lover’s fancy. There’s a rustic museum along with an old windmill, a tranquilising countryside, and a massive nature park that adorns the surroundings so aptly.

Milicz Nature reserve in Lower Silesia

Once in the Barycz Valley, you can also plan a visit to Malinea, the place where you can try and buy ecological homemade juice from fruits. Among others, there’s a Museum of Fishery in Ruda Sułowska where you can also buy carp. Nearby, there is an eatery that serves delectable pierogies in the Barycz Valley.

Distance from Wrocław: 60 km, 51 minute drive

3. Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich (Owl Mountains Landscape Park), Sowie Mountains

Hike trail in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

The Silesian Uplands, Sudetes, and Karkonosze have few exotic places to visit near Wroclaw with all those tiny countryside suburbs that are worth your visit. All of these places make for a super quick day trip from Wroclaw. Let’s say that these quaint towns and mountain hamlets are picturesque, obscure, thrilling yet enchanting in every way, basking in nature’s glory and tempting you into a visit. Bielawa is one such town located 65 km from Wroclaw! Now that’s an ideal proportion for me, and perhaps you too!

Zygmuntówka shelter in Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich

Bielawa rests in the foothills of the oldest mountains in Europe – the Owl Mountains, and Sowie Mountains Landscape Park, the primary reason that drives the tourists and those from the neighbouring town there. The town has a great attraction in the form of the lake reservoir that can be spotted immediately after getting down from the train. With all those alluring old-fashioned buildings, Bielawa Town had my curiosity. The fancy mountain huts and hotels, and even the government buildings had the charm of the Disneyland.

A skier in the Owl Mountains

Tempting as it sounds, Park Krajobrazowy Gór Sowich is nothing less than a winter wonderland during winter in Poland. For everyone planning a trip to Poland in winter, this hike is easily doable and must be essentially on your Poland trip itinerary. You have to spare an entire day to explore the best of this trail that starts after you disembark at Bielawa Zachodnia (Main Train Station).

Distance from Wrocław: 65 km, 1 hour 30 minute drive

For complete details of the hike, read the blog – A Quick Hike To The Owl Mountains Just 1.5 Hour From Wroclaw Is All You Need This Winter

4. Grodno Castle, Wałbrzych Mountains


Wałbrzych Mountains are home to some stunning tourist attractions in Lower Silesia, and Grodno Castle is one of them. Formerly known as Kynsburg, Grodno castle is located in Choina Mountains. The castle rises some 450 meters above the ground in southern Wałbrzych.


A formidable medieval fortress, Grodno can be visited for multiple attractions that include, marvellous architecture, rare ensembles, and numerous trophies in the form of exquisite animals hunted by former kings and rulers in the forest around Wałbrzych. Don’t forget to climb the massive stairs to reach the viewing deck located atop of the castle offering glorious views of the Bystrzyca Świdnicka valley around. Among others, there are some strange instruments of medieval torture kept in the castle basement. Grodno is a perfect half-day tour from Wroclaw.

Distance from Wrocław: 68 km, 1 hour 5 minute drive


5. “Riese” Complex, Włodarz


Riese translates to ‘giant’ in German. It was the name given to the project for the construction of seven underground structures located in the Owl Mountains and Książ Castle in Lower Silesia during World War times. Back then, it was German territory, but now it is a region in Lower Silesia, Poland. Upon reaching there, you can expect to encounter some breathtaking architectural marvel deep in the Włodarz Mountain.


None of these projects was ever completed, and all of them can be seen in a different phase of completion with only a small percentage of tunnels reinforced by concrete. The purpose of the project remains uncertain because of the lack of documentation. Some sources suggest that these structures were part of Hitler’s Headquarters; while others mention that it was a combination of headquarters and arms industry.


Distance from Wrocław: 75.5 km, 1 hour 15 minute drive

6. Książ Castle, Wałbrzych


Książ Castle in Walbrzych is the largest castle in Lower Silesia and indeed one of the most magnificent places to visit in Poland. The castle, located in Książ Landscape Park, is a protected area in the Wałbrzyski foothills.


The first mention of the castle dates back to the 13th century. Książ remained the place of residence of different royal families since then. It was damaged from time to time because of foreign invasions, yet it stands tall and is a prominent tourist attraction in Lower Silesia today.


Over the years, a lot of modifications were done to the castle, and even different arrangements made for Hitler when he was assumed to visit the castle discreetly through an underground tunnel. However, Hitler never made it there. Visit the castle for some magnificent views of the surroundings and marvellous architecture.


Deep in the dungeons of Książ Castle & Sowie Mountains, Lower Silesia lie sensational stories. Imprinted on sands of time, these stories are exciting, appalling, thought-provoking, and make an essential read! Let’s find out some intriguing facts about the “Pearl of Lower Silesia”


1. Książ is one of the largest castles in Europe, the third-largest castle in Poland, and the largest in the Dolny Śląsk region (Lower Silesia).
2. Complete reconstruction of the castle didn’t commence until 1972. The latest period of restoration finished as late as in 2005. Mid 16th century onwards, the premises were refurbished in a rich Renaissance style.
3. The City of Wałbrzych bought back the Palm House in Wałbrzych after 70 years. Today, the Książ Castle management administers it.

4. The castle was destroyed by King Ottokar II from Bohemian forces in 1263.
5. The castle complex was desolated again in 1482 by Georg von Stein – a military commander in the service of the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus.
6. During World War II, Książ was seized by the Nazis in 1944. The Nazis tore Książ Castle of its ensembles, making it a critical part of the “Riese Project”.

7. The facility comprised an extensive plan to create an underground military-industrial complex equipped with tunnels, roads, rail links, and subterranean arms factories.
8. After the war, the castle was used as a recreation home and cultural centre by the communists. Lately, significant parts of the castle interiors have been extensively restored.


Find out more about the castle tour hours, and ticket price on their official website here!

Distance from Wrocław: 81 km, 1 hour 11 minute drive

7. Underground City Osówka (Podziemne Miasto Osówka), Wałbrzych


Osówka Underground City is another pearl from the Lower Silesian region. A popular tourist attraction in Poland, Osówka is a unique blend of history and nature, quite close to Wrocław. The underground attraction located in the vast network of Sowie Mountains is a prominent name from project Riese ( translates to “giant” in German).


The name was given to an ambitious project from the Nazis during 1943–45! It comprises underground structures (7 in total) scattered across the Owl Mountains in Central Sudetes and Książ Castle in Lower Silesia. Back then, it was German territory but is now in Poland.


The structures were never finished and can be found today in different states of completion. Owing to the lack of documentation, the purpose behind starting the project remains uncertain, but a lot of historians believe that it was Hitler’s ultimate escape plan. Osówka is an architectural marvel tucked in the vastness of the Sowie Mountains.


The position of the “underground city” speaks volume of their efficiency and preparation. As you enter the tunnel and take the guided tour here, you’ll witness the history come alive in front of your eyes. Most of which are gruesome and beyond our comprehension. The complex is so well-placed that there is no way you can even see it from a distance. Don’t miss this popular tourist attraction near Wrocław!


Find out more about museum hours, and ticket price for Osówka on their official website here!

Distance from Wrocław: 81 km, 1 hour 36 minute drive

8. Wielka Sowa, Sowie Mountains

Hiking to Owl Mountains near Wroclaw

At an altitude of 3,329 feet, Wielka Sowa stands as the highest peak of the Owl Mountains (Góry Sowie), a range of the Central Sudetes encompassing the best of south-western Poland. The mountain is positioned in Dzierżoniów County in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

Mountains cabin in Gory Sowie mountains near Wroclaw

Sowie Mountains are made of metamorphic rocks of the Precambrian rises above the village of Walim near Dzierżoniów. The surroundings associated as the Owl Mountains Landscape Park offering the endless views of whitewashed landscapes. During the peak of winter in Poland, the forest here lies snuggled under heaps of snow.

The mountain village in Wielka Sowa near Wroclaw

The hike to Wielka Sowa starts from the foothills of Sowie Mountains itself where lies Kamionki. Kamionki Dolne, with a length of about 3.5 km, is a picture-perfect location ready to greet all the nature enthusiasts in its warm embrace. The imperial views, some livestock grazing around, and hushed outdoors will greet you from the moment you step into this part Sowie Mountains Landscape Park in the Sudetes.

Snow swept outdoors of Gory Sowie near Wroclaw
Distance from Wrocław:
82.3 km, 1 hour 50 minute drive

Find the complete details of the hike here: 1.5 Hours From Wroclaw, Wielka Sowa In Owl Mountains Is A Perfect Winter Hike

9. Adršpach, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic


Exciting sandstone cliffs, deep ravines, gorges, and stunning viewpoints carpeted in the thick forest canopy make Adršpach an allure for every outdoor lover. Speaking of the major highlights of the park, it is the serpentine trails in and around the park and the turquoise lake at the entrance that make it a great option among places to visit near Wroclaw.


Adršpach is a great day trip from Wroclaw that you can plan on a weekend. Don’t forget to check for the group ticket or weekend ticket offers from Koleje Dolnośląskie. It turns out to be a super-saver option, especially for students.


Distance from Wrocław: 103 km, 1 hour 43 minute drive

10. Krzeszów Monastery & Church, Zadrna Valley, Central Sudetes


Krzeszów Monastery and church are one of the finest examples of baroque architecture not just in Poland but the entire of Europe. The church is massive and is a dominating feature in the landscape in Krzeszów village region in Lower Silesia. Several pilgrims and tourists flock to this place which is a mere 1.5-hour drive from Wroclaw city.


If you are an art buff, then you must visit Krzeszów for some immaculate art and craftwork display.

Distance from Wrocław: 103 km, 1 hour 33 minute drive

11. Polanica-Zdrój, Kłodzko


The beautiful spa town of Polanica-Zdrój is a quintessential escape from Wroclaw. The town lies en route Stołowe Mountains while you’ll be travelling from Wroclaw. Polanica-Zdrój can be clubbed with a trip to the table mountains for a perfect day trip from Wroclaw.


The spa town is popular among tourists for its thermal geysers spurting from underneath the ground. Pijalnia Zdrojowa is the most recognised spot to taste the geyser water which comprises minerals with healing properties.
The water, which doesn’t taste nice at all, is also considered good for the stomach and people around the region visit the place to carry water from the perpetually flowing water source. The town has some wonderful streams crisscrossing the city in the central region. Colourful birds guarding the calm waters make it a visual delight for tourists. Some cheap and nice eateries around will surely tempt you to try regional delicacies like Pierogies and Pączki.

Distance from Wrocław: 105.4 km, 1 hour 30 minute drive

12. Rudawy Janowickie, Sokolik


Fancy a lush nature area to go hiking near Wroclaw? Head to Sokoliki in Rudawy Mountains where a scenic nature trail awaits you amidst lush nature. Sokoliki is also a top pick among rock climbers in Lower Silesia. The best part however is, it’s the location which is merely 2 hours away from Wroclaw.


The stunning landscape from the viewing point located atop the rocks makes it worth your while.


Sokoliki is also referred to as Falcon Mountains, and it can be reached by taking a Koleje Dolnośląskie train from Wroclaw to Trzcińsko. You have to park your vehicle at Karpnicka Pass if you decide to go drive there. The hike from the base takes almost 1 hour to complete.


Enroute to the top of the Falcon Mountains…


Don’t forget to visit Szwajcarka Chalet near the parking area. The hike is easy & doable for people of any age group.


Distance from Wrocław: 110 km, 1 hour 45 minute drive

13. Stołowe Mountains, Stołowe Mountains National Park


More popular as the Table Mountains, the Stołowe Mountains are a popular attraction in the Sudetes. If you’re looking for a perfect nature escape near Wroclaw where you can experience excellent hiking, Stołowe mountain is the place to be. Positioned in the heart of Sudetes – one of the oldest mountains in Europe, the Stołowe Mountains National Park is a part of the 42-kilometre-long mountain range that spreads from Poland up to the Czech Republic.


If you are fancy a great hiking trail studded with surreal views, visit this place. The fascinating wintry landscapes here is breathtakingly amazing. The hike from the base to the top of the Table Mountains takes around 1.5 hours. Even if you’re super slow, it shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to complete this hike.


Distance from Wrocław: 122.3 km, 1 hour 48 minute drive

14. Jelenia Góra & Karpacz


One of my favourite Poland attractions, Karpacz is a lovely town tucked in the Karkonosze Mountains in Lower Silesia. Jelenia Gora is just a 20-minute drive away. If you plan to visit Karkonosze National Park by train then you must disembark at Jelenia Gora and take a bus to Karpacz.


Karpacz is a premier ski resort in Karkonosze region and an ideal option for hiking near Wroclaw. Some wonderful nature escapes in the mountains, sprawling streams, the 12th-century Wang Church perched above Karpacz, and the observatory at the Sniezka top are the highlights of this trip.


Sniezka, at 1603 m, is one of the highest points in Lower Silesia, and the highest point in the entire Czech Republic. The peak is enclosed by Czechia on one side while Poland on the other.


Cable cars ply from Karpacz to Sniezka but I’d recommend a hike in the park to experience this place at its best. It will be worth your while! You have to buy an entrance ticket to the Karkonosze National Park. Good news for students, they have a student discount for you! 😉


Distance from Wrocław: 125 km, 1 hour 53 minute drive

15. Międzylesie, Kłodzko Valley


Located about 33 kilometres south of Kłodzko, Międzylesie is a picture-postcard mountain town located in the foothills of the Sudetes. As you’ll be walking one of those lush trails in the Kłodzko Valley, you can spot some exotic chirpy friends from the woods. Hopping from one branch to the other on the trees perfectly enveloped in fresh moss, these extraordinary birds in the region are such a pleasant sight to behold.


The fact that Kłodzko Valley is a quick escape from Wrocław makes it a perfect allure for every outdoor enthusiast living in the Wrocław metropolitan region. Some of the most popular being hiking and water activities. So, if you are someone who – enjoys travelling off-the-grid, fancies the sound of the wild, likes the raw essence of the forest, savours the soothing sound of the stream, and finds the cracking of bonfire utterly satisfying, this experience is definitely for you.


Some of the most popular activities to plan in the Kłodzko Valley

Once you’re in the Kłodzko Valley, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to try and explore. Some of my top picks are:

1. Water activities (canoeing and rafting) in the Kamieńczyk river

2. Bird watching

3. Hiking

4. Fishing in the river

5. Hammocking


Distance from Wrocław: 128 km, 1 hour 46 minute drive

Read more about the cabin experience here: Cabin Experience In Międzylesie, Kłodzko Valley (Kotlina Kłodzka) About 2.5 Hours From Wrocław

16. Kaplica Czaszek, Kudowa Zdrój


Kudowa Zdrój – another charming mountain town in Poland located in the foothills of the Table Mountains, and pretty much a spooky place I have come across so far. Kudowa-Zdrój is a spa city in southwest Poland known for sprouting mineral waters.


But I’ll remember it for its unique Skull Chapel, the chapel made from skulls and bones of war victims and those who perished during massive disease outbreaks. The Chapel also puts Kudowa Zdrój in the list locations to go for dark tourism in Poland. Poland already has some world famous dark tourism locations in The State Museum of Majdanek in Lublin, Auschwitz, and Belzec.  Among others, there is a Toy Museum in Kudowa Zdrój that includes dolls, puppets and spooky toys.


And this is how the exteriors of Kaplica Czaszek or Skull Chapel look like! Photography is prohibited inside the Chapel.

I will put Kudowa Zdrój in the list of popular places to visit near Wroclaw.

Distance from Wrocław: 129 km, 1 hour 50 minute drive

17. Śnieżne Kotły, Karkonosze National Park

Landscape near Sniezne Kotly in Karkonosze

Szklarska Poręba in Jelenia Gora county rests in the foothills of the splendid Karkonosze National Park. Karkonosze is well placed between the Czech Republic and Poland and is a soothing haven for all nature enthusiasts, hikers, outdoors lovers, skiers, campers, and photography enthusiasts.

Located in the foothills of the majestic Karkonosze, Szklarska Poręba is a picturesque mountain town that draws a large number of tourists round the year. Its proximity to the major Lower Silesian city Wroclaw makes it a hot destination for nature and outdoor enthusiasts in Poland and those from faraway places.

Landscape in Karkonosze National Park in Sudetes

Winter in Poland is incredibly beautiful, hence places like Szklarska Poręba attract plenty of tourists from other counties in Poland. Besides hiking and skiing, Szklarska Poręba is also preferred for outdoor activities like sleigh riding, rink, snowshoeing, snow tubing, and winter camping. Śnieżne Kotły is two glacial cirques that sit atop a cliff in Karkonosze National Park in the Sudetes Mountains.

Sniezne Kotly summit in Karkonosze National Park

The top of the mountains offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the mountains, frozen alpine, the fells from the Czech Republic side, and the uninterrupted views of Szklarska Poręba town. The strategic location of Śnieżne Kotły in the Karkonosze National Park with numerous trails from the Czech Republic and Poland make it an exciting prospect for all nature enthusiasts.

Szklarska Poręba town in Lower Silesia

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, Koleje Dolnośląskie (KD) – Lower Silesia’s local train network is exceptional, and it’s the best means of transport one can take to reach anywhere in the region. The KD trains are super fast, clean (I love their toilets ;)), comfortable, cheap, and cover the most scenic routes of the Dolny Slask region.

Distance from Wrocław: 131 km, 2 hours drive

Must read: Śnieżne Kotły In Karkonosze National Park Is A Perfect Winter Hike Near Wrocław

18. Zgorzelec & Gorlitz, Poland-Germany


Magnificent, rustic, and an abundance of old charm! Gorlitz is one of those glorious places near Wroclaw that must be explored! This town in Southeastern Germany is written alongwith its twin sister Zgorzelec, the Southwestern Polish town. They are separated by Lusatian Neisse river.


Go there if you are looking for a quiet city break. Relaxed oldies sipping a beer and others tiptoeing around the city center area is a common sight on a beautiful day.


Movies buffs would certainly draw a lot of inspiration form the fact that the likes of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inglorious Bastards, and The Reader were shot here! Need I say more?


Distance from Wrocław: 175 km, 1 hour 53 minute drive


Lower Silesia is dotted with interesting places to visit near Wroclaw. All of these places are uniquely endowed with magnificent nature and architectural spectacles. I recommend you to plan your weekends and explore the surroundings as much as you can. The Silesian charm will surely satiate the wanderlust in you!

Have you too found some interesting places to visit near Wroclaw that you would like to recommned? Go on & suggest me in the comments below! Thank you for reading. Stay adventurous friends!

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