Mountains are nature’s most remarkable creation, & every time I walk a trail, my respect for these natural beauty grows manifold. I genuinely feel that between the start a trail at the origin of a climb and the majestic peaks lies most of the profound answers to the purpose behind the ascent.


On a fine autumn afternoon, I chose to dress light, put on my hiking boots, grab my hiking pole & day pack, and set for the most spectacular mountain escape in the vicinity of Wroclaw. Sleza Mountain it was, in Sobotka near Wroclaw!


Wroclaw in Poland draws the tourists with a wide range of offerings, right from the classy medieval architecture to towering modern corporate buildings to fascinating museums, the city has everything that a tourist fancies.


Having said that, if you are craving ​nature and mountains, and planning a quick escape from the architecture-rich surroundings of Wroclaw then this blog will have your attention! This one is an ideal half-day trip from Wroclaw city and the mystic Sleza mountain is a place that you can not refuse!
Here are the first few pics of the enchanted forest surrounding Mount Ślęża!


The thick forest canopy in Sobotka town is one of the prominent attractions of Lower Silesia some 35 km from Wroclaw main bus/railway station. And it certainly is a pleasant escape for everyone yearning for the scent of the pine. Because Lower Silesia is more than captivating riverfronts & drool-worthy medieval architectures skirting the popular Old Towns & city centres.


Google map location of Sleza Mountains near Wroclaw

How to reach Sleza Mountains from Wroclaw


Buses make for the most reliable and the quickest option to travel to Sobotka Town from where Sleza Mountain is a 5 km hike, mostly upwards. The journey by road takes approximately 45 minutes to cover 35 km. Yeah, it’s that close!

Length of the hike from Sobotka Town: 10 km (both sides)

Best time to visit Sleza Mountains: Autumn & Winter


My first impression of these mystical forests was that of dreamy locations in many horror and fantasy movies. At 2400 m above the sea level, Mount Ślęża, totally wrapped in the incredible shades of autumn (autumn specific), looks totally breathtaking! And I’m sure there doesn’t exist be a better half-day hike from Wroclaw than this one. 10 km up & down, that’s the total distance you’ve to walk!

Moments from the hike to the mountain!

this view though! 😉
and here’s one more!

Fascinating views! Aren’t they?

After you have made it to the top of the mountain, there is a small resting area and a pretty church right the top. You can have your snacks at the benches laid out in the open right by the church. The 360-degree view of the forest along with the church looks absolutely enchanting and a spectacle worth reminiscing.


Which brings me to the next point of focus. How to prepare for this trip? Actually, you don’t have to! All you have to do is find this place on the beautiful city map of Wroclaw, head to the Wroclaw Glowny early morning and you’ll be done by sunset! I’d like to specially mention that the forest encircling Ślęża is remarkably rich with mountain vegetation, & thrives during summer & autumn.


Having experienced autumn, winter, and now spring in Wroclaw, I can maintain that this place wears its own charm during the different season thus making for not just one of the most popular attractions near Wroclaw but a popular tourist attraction in Poland.


To catch the incredible bloom of colours, you have to be in the Sleza Mountains now! You are going to love the hike to the top. If you already have been there, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

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