A relentless pursuit won’t be sidelined by failures, for it is meant to take you there!

I never really thought that my first international trip would be a 16-day memorable trip to Europe. But did I tell you that planning a Europe trip wasn’t that easy after all? Besides managing finances, the trickiest part of my trip to Europe was getting my hands on the prized Schengen Visa. The only, and probably the stupidest mistake I made at the very beginning of my visa application was seeking too many counsels via multiple channels.

The reason is I was advised differently by people, those who had travelled to Europe and those who didn’t yet consider themselves qualified travel agents. I intended to travel to Poland and thus bought the popular theory by people who have categorized Schengen countries as tourist-friendly & not-so-tourist-friendly. This classification was subject to the rules, time taken for visa processing, etc.

My only advice here is, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!

Do the basics right, be accurate with the documents, and don’t lose sleep over it. Yes, it is true that document requirement varies from one Schengen country to another, but there isn’t a lot of difference.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the vague/false information you will find online/offline while researching the visa application process at the VFS or at a consulate/embassy.

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The myth & vague information about Schengen Visa that you’d find on the internet

  • Countries like France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium issue tourist visas easily.
  • Get a dummy flight ticket & trick the consulate. On-hold ticket works.
  • Get a NOC from your parents to make your case stronger.
  • There are travel agencies specializing in getting a rejected visa confirmed.
  • A detailed cover letter with proper descriptives increases your chances of getting a Visa.
  • Show fake hotel reservations from booking.com, hostelworld.com or any other hotel booking website.
  • Don’t get money deposited (by filling up a form & depositing money at a particular branch) into your account, get it transferred.

However, to increase your chances of getting a Schengen Visa, you must be doing these things

  • Try to cover a few Asian countries (the best bet is countries that allow Indians visa-on-arrival facilities) before making up your mind for a Eurotrip.
  • Keep all the documents handy. Every mentioned document is important.
  • Propose a shorter itinerary to the embassy.
  • Make sure that you show them a fat bulky account. The more money in your bank, the bigger your chances of getting a visa.
  • Keep the deposit money in your account for a while before heading to the embassy.
  • Plan the maximum stay in the country you are applying.
  • Tickets for local transfers and domestic flights only add value to your case.
  • Travelling in a group will only increase your chances of getting a positive response.

All said, the fact remains that the European embassies are sceptical when it comes to granting a visa to a young, unmarried Asian who hasn’t travelled much outside the country before and doesn’t have a lot of money in their account. So, the most prevalent thought among the European embassies is that the person won’t come back and will settle on their land.

Therefore, to make them believe, plan your trip with a backing of a lot of money and for a shorter duration. Maybe 7-10 days! On the contrary, couples get Schengen Visa quite easily unless they have terrible luck riding on them. There are two ways of applying for a Schengen Visa – either through VFS or the respective embassy. VFS charges around INR 6500 (for France Visa), which includes their processing fees, while the Visa fee at the respective embassy is slightly lesser, around INR 4545 for France Visa.

While researching Schengen visa application process online, I found tons of informations and a few websites for online consultations and authentic information. They proved crucial in my application and helped me with this blog content.

That’s when I stumbled upon IaM (Immigration and Migration), an immigration specialist, migration and global mobility-focussed law firm based in London. With a dedicated global presence, a team of experts sharing accurate information, and a solid backing for the Schengen visa, IaM ensures swift and streamlined visa processing. They are also well-equipped to ensure hassle-free and seamless migration to other countries around the world.

From a leisure trip to Europe to extending your work visa, IaM ensures timely help and on a budget. Whether planning a trip to the UK or going to your favourite country for a vacation, requiring a work visa, or preparing for a family get-together for festivities, they make sure you receive your visa on time and within budget. After completion of the application and the payment, you’re scheduled for a meeting with the team to go through the application.

Highlights of applying for your visa/permit with IaM (Immigration and Migration):

1. Hassle-free visa appointment for you (because getting appointments are a big deal)

2. Detailed visa application must-dos explained by a team of experts

3. Documents checking for correct order, thus minimising the risk of visa applications rejection

4. Those opting for a premium appointment for certain countries, also get assistance at the consulate, embassy or VAC

Here’s all the Schengen Visa information you need to know. Start your application with IaM for the perfect peace of mind.

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Scoring a Schengen Visa isn’t as difficult as people around have made it seem. Do the basics right and hope for the best. Europe is just a Schengen Visa away!


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