When Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion released a couple of months back, not many reckoned that it would shatter almost all the records of box office ever. And why not! The spellbinding effects and gripping story line of the sequel of Baahubali – The Beginning has let Baahubali 2 through to the record books. Baahubali 2, released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi language, went on to become the highest grossing Indian cinema by bringing home 1000-crore!

Leave alone the numbers and stats, there’s a lot about the movie that must be discussed. Here, it will be the exciting shooting locations of the movie. Featuring some of the most jaw-dropping shooting locations, the movie rightly tickles the wanderlust in you. The locations in the movie feature the best of unexplored South India nestled in the slumbering environs of the Western Ghats.

Be it the epic scene from Baahubali 1, which shows Prabhas carrying the massive Shivalinga on his shoulders or the mysterious caves where the hermit performs sacred rites, Baahubali features some of the most secluded riches of the south that one must know about.

Exotic shooting location featured in Baahubali 2

1. Kannavam Forest – Kannur, Kerala

A view of waterfall in Kannavam Forest in Kannur

A major portion of Baahubali 2 has been shot in the dense jungles of Kannavam forest in Kannur district. The jungle comprises of exciting biodiversity and some of the most unbelievable spectacles of nature.

2. Ramoji Film City – Andhra Pradesh

A top view of Ramoji Film City in Andhra Pradesh

The popular location where the massive set of the movie was created. From the massive castle to the featured village area, everything was created in the film city. Never mind, whatever you saw was the outcome of some flawless visual effects.

Shooting locations featured in Baahubali 1

3. Athirapally Falls – Thrissur, Kerala


I am assuming that not many people would have told you about the out-of-the-world shooting locations in Baahubali 1. So, here’s the first one in the list, the Athirapally Falls in Thrissur.
This one is known as the Niagra Falls of India. All covered in mist the Athirapally Falls is one of the prime attractions in Thrissur district.

Munnar is the closest and most renowned city to Athirapally Falls. The waterfalls touches the ground from a height of 80 feet and spans 330 feet in width. Nestled in Sholayar ranges, the waterfall area is a biodiversity rich place. The location shot to fame when Baahubali carried the Shivalinga on his shoulder in part 1.

A closer look of the popular scene reiterates the fact that it’s not Athirapally Falls alone making the complete frame. Kerala’s another waterfall Vazhachal Falls combined with Athirapally to create the picture of a massive waterfall that doesn’t even exist. Lol!! Remember VFX can generate scenes for you that even the almighty nature would find incapable of making.

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4. Mahabaleshwar – Western Ghats, Maharashtra

The beautiful nature view in Mahabaleshwar

That’s the gem of the Western Ghats! Mahabaleshwar was the place featured in Baahubali. Most of the scenes showing mountainous terrains in Baahubali 1 was shot in these captivating locations.

5. Orvakal Rock Gardens – Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

A view of Orvakal Rock Gardens in Kurnool

The rustic look of the rock garden added to the beauty quotient of the movie. If you are finding it hard to connect then another recap of the movie is highly recommended.

The fact that Baahubali 1 & 2 featured some of the most enthralling locations from South India speaks volume of the movie and rightly glorifies the South. Try exploring them sometime. These places would leave you spellbound and set you pulsating!


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