Kids fancy things and those things in the process occupy them!

I still remember the times when I’d run haphazardly on the roof of our house during the evening kite flying session. The sight of swaying kite would soar my spirit along and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a visibly small flying object would appear in the backdrop. Yes, it was a plane! At times, I’d trip & fall over random objects while trying not to lose its sight. All this while my stern gaze would stay affixed to it until it faded into the colossal sky.

The more I saw the flying machines, the curious I became about it. I wondered how it would feel like traveling in one of them!

Gradually our acquaintance with the internet increased & thus began our virtual tour to the places across the globe. The breathtaking escapades & call of the wild began tugging us towards them. By now travel started working more like an addiction. The more we traveled, the stronger became our desire to wander more often. Social media connected us to people from across the world & we started getting indulged in the exchange of ideas and experience. Watching people travel & while making a living out of it looked tempting. Millenials had already devoted themselves to the world of travel.

In other words, they were Travelzoned! Through this blog, I’ve tried to find out an explanation that reiterates my thought process.

i) Traveling keeps you closer to where you belong

Long before the humans set foot on the earth, the earth was all about nature, and wild. The tranquilizing calmness & mildness of soothing breeze pushes you into a zone of ecstasy. As you travel, you get to see more of nature’s biodiversity. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that it keeps us close to where we belong.

ii) If you are good with camera & words, you can earn well

It comes down to your skill and how good you actually are in turning your passion into a full-time opportunity. Today, the mere thought of holding a camera, capturing the best of nature, and describing them in my words, makes me jump with joy. And nothing in the world can beat a proposition when I’d be paid for doing the things that I love.

Travel blogging is the latest fad for millennials. There are lots of brands out there that need travel enthusiasts who can click beautiful pictures & describe them beautifully. The fact that you’d be paid well to do the same answers the apprehensions of your parents too.

iii) Life is happening & vibrant that way

At the end of the day, a man loves to see people around. While traveling you get to explore the diversities of life. As you traverse the lesser-traveled path & the irregular terrain, your negotiation speaks a lot about it. You come out with a grit driven self & push your limit to set a new benchmark for yourself. As you meet different species and connect with them you bask in its glory & seek redemption.

iv) You get to know more about different culture & tradition

The world comprises of humans from different race. There is something different about every other people we meet & that makes the learning curve for us. The diverse food habits, traditions, culture, fashion, language, and rituals make people around interesting. While traveling you come across monuments, souvenirs, and places of relevance that tells you about the glorious past. It instills plethora of positivity in & around us, and the world is even more beautiful.

v) You learn to stay disciplined, healthy & in perfect shape

As you travel, you would come to terms with the fact that Darwin was bang on about his theory of survival of the fittest. While traveling you’d come across different situations like shortage of food & adverse weather conditions. Also, you might face plenty of health complications. There would be times when you are left to fend for yourself. The travel life tests you on different levels, and during those moments you have show your smartness and not just survive but also thrive.

The world is a big place & traveling brings us one step closer to knowing ourselves, profoundly.

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