Have you been thrilled with your excursion plans lately? In that case, I would have you jot down a few points from here. Travelling is fun but, you have to be out-and-out prepared to make it worthwhile.
No matter how sincere you are, there’s always a lot to do before you comfort your itchy feet.
Travelling breathes life into a monotonous schedule. In short, it helps you stay alive. But even the most devoted planners fall short when it comes to planning a comprehensive itinerary.
That cherished feeling of accomplishment when you set for a journey knowing exactly about the nitty-gritty of traveling is incomparable.

Apparently, you can go prepared, but can’t do much about the uncalled events awaiting you.
Hence, there’s much more to travel planning apart from arranging your backpack & you must be equipped with a Plan-B if the situation demands. Let’s complete the job of identifying them in the first place!

Say no to Handbag/Sling/Shoulder Bag!
Assemble your essentials in a rucksack or backpack. Remember your hands will come to your rescue when you are walking the precipice. Set them free & use them to balance yourself when you are traversing a treacherous alley.

Neither over equipped nor underequipped
Overburdening yourself with unnecessary luggage proves fatal when you are trekking upslope (speaking from personal experience). But going underprepared isn’t something I am advocating here. To strike off the slightest of such possibility you are recommended to make a proper checklist of the essentials & stick to it.

Climate Change
One of the obvious that even the most amateur of the travelers could easily predict. As you travel places, weather switches frequently. So, you must come prepared to endure the nature’s hostility.

Local Laws
Most of the countries/locale have their set of rules which doesn’t change for anyone. So, abide by their rules strictly. Seeking counsel with a fellow resident or the place’s rulebook will keep you out of trouble.

Insufficient local currency on arrival
Having a fat bank balance would always keep you reassured. But if you are someone who banks on it without having sufficient funds in your wallet then buddy, you are calling for serious trouble. Running out of money on a foreign land without having details of the place is the last thing you would ever fear.

Local language
It’s recommended to learn the essential words like Hi, Sorry, Thank You, Please in the local language as it helps a lot in setting up the tempo.

Losing you valuables
A nightmare for any traveler. You better stay vigilant. Being casual is the last possible act of idiocy you would commit. You must stay prepared for the worst. Your directory should, at least, have the contact details of the police or the best if you could get an insurance coverage.

Being drugged at local pub or bar
Remember the parental advice given to you when you were going to the boarding school for the first time. The message remains the same with a small alteration. You are advised not to accept a drink from an unspecified source or unknown person. Stay alert, stay safe.

Don’t get scammed
This message is for those who believe in pulling off almost everything impulsively. You might be a James Bond, but then there is a specter awaiting you everywhere. So, don’t indulge in any form of antisocial activity that would make you miserable.

Local disease outbreak
A thorough study of the place would come handy here. Soon as you arrive in a foreign land, get yourself vaccinated for the better. Stay alert, stay healthy!

It has been one of the most serious issues that the world has been dealing with lately. Don’t you even try to become a fucking prophet, because that could get you killed! The only advice for you here is to abstain from visiting such places.

Good food & clean water are the prerequisites of a happy & safe trip. So, when you are planning your next itinerary, you must be aware of all the trusted restaurants that serve good food in the region.

Have a happy & safe trip!


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